Jack In The Box's New Mega Munchies Box Offers A Snack-Tastic Trio

Jack in the Box's tacos have come a long way. While the original crispy tacos have been available for around 70 years, per The Wall Street Journal, their beefy successors are much younger. Back in 2019, Chew Boom reported that the chain's newer Tiny Tacos were being tested in just a few cities. According to the outlet, their introduction also marked the debut of a new dipping option, Jack's creamy avocado lime sauce. Both the sauce and the Tiny Tacos eventually make it to Jack in the Box's regular menu, also inspiring a jazzed-up version of the mini tacos called the Loaded Tiny Tacos, topped with gooey cheese, shredded lettuce, and taco sauce.

Clearly, Tiny Tacos are a newcomer compared to some of the other options on the Jack in the Box menu, such as the longer-standing chicken nuggets. Brand Eating announced the arrival of the entree, made from all-white chicken, back in 2012. Luckily for Jack in the Box fans who have trouble choosing between both bite-sized, deep-fried menu items, the chain just made it easier to order both in the same greasy box.

Mega Munchies Boxes combine chicken nuggets, Tiny Tacos, and curly fries

There's a reason why Jack in the Box's latest offering has "mega" in its title. According to Chew Boom, the new Jack's Mega Munchies Box is not only filled with a whopping 30 chicken nuggets and 45 Tiny Tacos, but it also comes with curly fries. Obviously, sauce would be a desirable complement to this combination; accordingly, dipping cups filled with buttermilk ranch and creamy avocado lime dressing round out the meal.

Over on YouTube, charismatic food reviewer Joey's World Tour gave his two cents on the Mega Munchies Box. Joey paid $20 for the lot and said he would rate it a 10, describing the combo as "off the chain." Meanwhile, TikTok user @_forktomouth posted a video of the shareable combo, describing the generous curly fry quantity as being equal to an order of two large fries. One commenter confirmed the snack trio's "massive" size, sharing that it took their kids "two days to finish it," while another said it "would be perfect for the movies." Though Jack in the Box's new Munchies Box appears to live up to its "mega" description, we can't help but envision an even more mega version in the future that comes with Loaded Tiny Tacos. Just an idea.