The Beloved Costco Food That's Reportedly Getting A Price Hike

Nothing compares to the taste of a homemade cake baked fresh in your own kitchen, but, then again, it's not always possible to whip up a three-tiered masterpiece from scratch for every single special occasion of the year. Whether you're lacking in baking skills, are short on time, or simply prefer the taste of a commercially made cake, we're totally in agreement with Ina Garten's mantra that "store-bought is fine." You could entrust the pièce de résistance of your party with the best bakery in your state, but there's an easier option available: Costco sheet cakes, which have been coming to the rescue of party hosters for years.

Available in just two different options, according to their Costco's menu, the big-box retailer's sheet cakes have been lauded not only as one of the best grocery store cakes but also as one of the best deals within the warehouse itself. "For around $20, you can feed 48 people — and it doesn't get any better than that," SheKnows said of the Costco bakery's unequivocal star. Considering that breaks down to about $0.42 per person, the outlet may very well have been correct with its assertion — though, sadly, it seems that the golden days of this deal are coming to an end. According to one Redditor, Costco's sheet cakes are soon going to be subjected to a price hike, making them the latest Costco item to fall victim to inflation.

Even with the alleged price hike, some Redditors still consider Costco's sheet cakes a good deal

Reddit user u/donutshopcoffee became the bearer of bad news last week when they shared an announcement about Costco's sheet cakes. "FYI – Sheet cakes going up in price, $19.99 to $24.99," the Redditor announced on the Costco subreddit page on Friday, July 1. The user noted that the price increase would allegedly be enacted on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, though there were "talks" the under-$20 price tag would still be honored for cardholders that ordered before then.

Considering the cult-like fan base surrounding the bakery staple, it's not surprising that the post received a considerable amount of attention. Some were upset by the potential 25% price increase, while others questioned if they should take action before it went into effect. "So time to stock up on sheet cakes?" u/Keerikkadan91 asked. "I need to go place an order every month for the next 20 years," quipped another sheet cake fan.

While it's never fun to see a price hike on your favorite treats, a number of commenters seemed unbothered by the news. "Still a great deal," one person wrote, while another said the additional $5 was a "small price to pay for deliciousness." With Baking How reporting that sheet cakes can run for as much as $150, many other party planning committee members would probably agree. For those that don't, we have a Copycat Costco Sheet Cake recipe you can try instead.