Blimpie Is Going Whole Hog With Its New Sandwiches

In the U.S., it seems like there's no food more utilized daily than the sandwich. Whether you're opting for a homemade PB&J or in search of one of the greatest sandwiches of all time, the combination of bread and fillings is just too delicious and convenient to pass up sometimes. But what about when you're really hungry? That's when people may head to a sub shop like Blimpie, for a sandwich as big as, well, a blimp. After all, the resemblance of hoagies to those dirigible airships is how Blimpie got its name.

While the sandwich chain has been around since 1964, it's not stuck in the past. Blimpie's menu includes the basic options that one could imagine ordering even decades ago, but it's added some innovative items in recent years. From a Buffalo chicken panini, a concept that would probably be inconceivable back in '64, to the chain's own spin on the modern chicken-bacon-ranch sandwich. And now, Blimpie is bringing back a "fan-favorite" sandwich and introducing a unique twist on another classic sando.

Pulled pork, served two ways

Starting July 5, Blimpie will once again offer its popular Spicy Pork sandwich and introduce a Cuban Pulled Pork sandwich (per the company). The sub chain will pack its Cuban Pulled Pork sandwich with pulled pork (as opposed to roasted pork in a traditional Cuban sandwich), ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard. The Spicy Pork sandwich is loaded with a spicy-sweet pulled pork that's seasoned with hot sauce and Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce. Some contrasting crunch is added with a bacon ranch slaw, and cheddar cheese pulls everything together. Both sandwiches will be available until October 2, 2022.

On a Reddit thread dedicated to fast food, commenters were surprised about the new menu items, but not for the reasons you might think. "TIL Blimpie still exists," said one user (via Reddit). "There was a interesting episode of 'The Food that Built America' on the History Channel recently that showed how Subway stomped Blimpie," shared another commenter. If Blimpie was hoping its pulled pork sandwiches would help bring awareness to the brand (and the fact that it does still exist), then it looks like the plan is already working.