How To Take Your Sweet Potato Fries To The Next Level

Fries are unquestionably one of the most ubiquitous snacks or side dishes imaginable. No matter if they're deep-fried, air-fried, or roasted, they are a handheld standby that appeals to almost every single type of diner due to the fact that they also happen to bypass most dietary and ideological limitations. The worlds of fry shapes and dipping sauces help to further differentiate and deepen the entire enterprise, as well as the fact that so many different types of vegetables can be used to make fries, from zucchini and celeriac to rutabaga or parsnip. Of course, potatoes are the go-to, but for those who prioritize the sweet potato fry — this is for you.

A smooth, bright orange fry often dotted with blackened spots based on how it's cooked, a sweet potato fry has more flavor complexity than standard French fries made with white potatoes. The apricot-tinged fries have a subtle inherent sweetness, as well as a deep savoriness depending on how they're seasoned.

In this piece from SELF, a wise recommendation pairs the already richly flavored sweet potato fries and elevates them by adding curry powder, turmeric, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and salt and pepper. Next, the potatoes are tossed in canola oil before being flavored with the myriad spices, resulting in a flavorful, slightly spicy French fry that is as colorful and tasty as it is healthful. Of course, nothing deep-fried is actually healthy at its core, but if you're air-frying or roasting, these potatoes are an excellent option.

How should you serve sweet potato fries?

SELF notes the importance of ensuring the fries are as dry as can be prior to cooking them in order to ensure the crispiest fries — which is certainly a texture we're all aiming for when it comes to this meal, right? According to SELF, the fries are excellent when paired with a Greek yogurt dipping sauce, but feel free to enjoy them with simple ketchup or mustard, aioli, or even a honey-mustard or ranch sauce. Let's be honest, though — they're pretty fantastic on their own, so a dipping sauce is by no means required.

Furthermore, Healthline states that sweet potatoes pack tons of vitamin C and the warming essence of curry powder along with the coloring of turmeric and the spice of the pepper flakes help boost the flavor and aesthetic appeal.

Healthline also notes that sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, which contributes to eye health and contains a lot of fiber. Add in the health benefits that come from the spices, and you'll be shocked at how something so outrageously delicious can also be so good for you. The SELF article specifically includes an orange-cumin yogurt sauce, which certainly sounds like a dipping sauce that will more than elevate these fries.

Why you should enjoy your curry-seasoned sweet potato fries

Healthline notes that curry powder's golden color and intricate flavor belies its amazing health benefits. These include anti-inflammatory properties, improved heart health, anticancer effects, a high amount of antioxidants, increased brain health, and lowered blood sugar levels. In addition, curry powder can help you feel fuller for longer, boosts digestive health, and can be anti-fungal and antibacterial.

Healthline also states that curry powder is usually made with a blend of several spices, including turmeric, cumin, chili pepper, coriander, and fenugreek. People may also mix in other additions, such as black pepper, curry leaves, ginger, fennel seeds, and mustard seeds. In addition, Cleveland Clinic notes that turmeric improves memory, lessens inflammation, reduced pain, combats free radicals, reduces heart disease risk, prevents cancer, and fights depression. Amazing!

Go forth with this knowledge you're now equipped with, and rest assured that your next batch of sweet potato fries will be better than anything you order from delivery.