You've Been Buying The Wrong Nut Butter At Trader Joe's

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is an American creation and for that reason, Americans are among the most savvy in the world when it comes to appreciating the finer qualities of a good nut butter. While opinions might vary from one person to the next on the ideal legume or nut to use and how thoroughly to grind them, the salty flavor plus buttery texture of nut butters keeps them a staple in the United States.

One supermarket chain that takes advantage of Americans' hunger for nut butters is Trader Joe's. Real Simple says that Trader Joe's stores usually devote four to five shelves among their limited real estate to nothing but the numerous varieties they stock. Everything from almond to cashew to peanut gets a place, while some hybrids are also among the creamy concoctions as well.

Real Simple keeps it salty by ranking the various varieties of Trader Joe's nut butter that consumers clamor for. Whether or "nut" you agree will literally be a matter of taste.

Nuttin' but the absolute best

Real Simple understands that many Trader Joe's items have cult-like fan bases and that's why they've limited their search to just what you can find on the grocer's shelves. They also get that nut butters are versatile, not only used in sandwiches but also in sauces, smoothies, and as a snack all on their own. Their ranking doesn't shy away from naming one overall favorite, however.

Real Simple's pick for the absolute best nut butter is Trader Joe's own Creamy Almond Butter No Salt. The ranking says that this mix beat out nine peanut butter varieties because it offers just a hint of the tart flavor that roasted almonds are known for. Real Simple also found that the salted version was too salty.

Other contenders that ranked highly on Real Simple's list have received acclaim elsewhere. Real Simple called Trader Joe's Organic Creamy Salted Peanut Butter the best variety for those looking to consume it in sandwich form. The Minimalist Baker also highlighted a similar Trader Joe's recipe made with Valencia peanuts as one of its top 10 store-bought nut butters. The Minimalist Baker opted for the unsalted variety, however.

Neither reviewer had many negative things to say about any of Trader Joe's nut butter varieties they sampled, so this is just a matter of deciding which nut butter is "butter" for you. You might want to try several types to see which one you go nuts for.