The Burger King Food Challenge Americans Wish They Could Try

When most Americans think of Japanese cuisine, mental images of ramen, steakhouses, and sushi usually surface. However, Burger King locations in Japan seek to redefine those notions by presenting a food challenge that could whet many Americans' appetites for consumption glory.

Americans are no strangers to restaurants challenging customers to consume massive dishes or stomach-spicy creations. CreditDonkey has a list of 101 food challenges that restaurants around the country offer, like the Crave Burgers Big Bad Wolf Challenge, which asks those who attempt it to finish three 3 Little Pigs burgers in under 45 minutes.

Burger King has taken some of that American ingenuity to draw customers in Japan who want to test their stomach-stretching skills. The restaurant's creation for this challenge and the conditions of the contests would rival any dare from an American establishment. As a result, some in the US might develop some envy of Burger King customers in Japan.

The meat of an epic food challenge

When is a Whopper not really a whopper? When a bigger, more calorie-laden burger steps onto the scene. Meet the Maximum Cho One-Pound Beef Burger. According to TheStreet, the new burger at the restaurant in Japan boasts four beef patties that combine to weigh in at over 1 pound.

TheStreet explains that "cho" is the Japanese word for super, furthering the connotation of this burger's massive size. In addition to the beef, the burger contains 4 slices of cheese, 4 slices of bacon, onions, pickles, tomatoes, condiments, and of course, the sesame-seed bun (via The Street).

The challenge is about a lot more than just finishing the burger, as imposing as that might sound. TimeOut details how the contest is about volume, not speed: Participating locations in Japan allow those who want to attempt the "Cho One-Pound Beef Burger Challenge" 45 minutes to consume as many burgers as possible. TimeOut says that those who take the challenge on will get a free t-shirt. In addition, Burger King will also give customers as many refills on beverages and fries as they like during the 45 minutes. According to TimeOut, taking on the contest will cost diners 2,900 yen or about $22 US.

This whopper of a dare might not be for everyone, as there are legitimate concerns about how taking on food challenges can harm you. Conversely, some Americans might find it cho.