Vita Coco Cracks Open A New Beverage Partnership

Vita Coco may be one of the OG coconut water brands in the United States, but it's still looking for ways to grow its business. "By far the market leader in the coconut water space," according to Food Dive, the company began almost two decades ago when two Americans discovered packaged coconut water in Brazil. Countless bottles of their own version of the beverage later, Vita Coco had an $853 million value in 2021. To continue this upward trajectory, the brand has begun capitalizing on a major trend in the alcohol sector: using the beverage as a mixer in ready-to-drink cocktails. 

Coconut water in a cocktail? Though many people drink the beverage to feel extra hydrated, some consumers have taken to using coconut water in interesting twists on adult beverages. Fresh Direct published some Vita Coco-inspired boozy beverage recipes, for example, ideal for sitting under a coconut tree on a beach somewhere. Plus, adding coconut water ice cubes to your rum is always a great idea. But if you're not much of a mixologist, Vita Coco's new partnership means that lovers of cocktails and coconut water can enjoy both in one ready-made drink.

The Captain goes loco for Coco

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is a must-have on the bar cart for many rum aficionados. The brand also has its eyes on coconut water consumers, however, having just partnered with Vita Coco on three canned cocktails that are coming to liquor store shelves in the near future, as VinePair reports. The white rum-based drinks will come in lime mojito, piña colada, and strawberry daiquiri flavors, each with 5% ABV. The coconutty collaboration will start hitting shelves early in 2023 for $14.99 per pack of four. 

Vita Coco should bring the canned cocktails more than just a tropical flavor that's reminiscent of a day on the beach. Per Healthline, coconut water packs in minerals, like potassium and manganese, and has electrolytes that just might offset some of that dehydrating alcohol (no promises there). Though the canned cocktail market is blowing up, Vita Coco and Captain Morgan's collab doesn't seem to have much competition in the spiked coconut water space; just a limited number of similar products, such as Coco Vodka, are available these days.