The McDonald's Secret Menu Item That May Be Better Than A Shamrock Shake

McDonald's fans anticipate the return of the Shamrock Shake every year. Despite the fact that it's essentially a McDonald's vanilla shake with green food coloring and mint flavoring, according to Chocolate Moosey, the seasonal treat has become a fan-favorite. Their simplicity hasn't hurt their popularity, but some diners still might like to try a new twist on the dairy delight.

The fast-food chain has already provided some new takes on the treat. McDonald's introduced an Oreo Shamrock McFlurry in 2017 and a Shamrock Sundae in 1980. While those joined the original shake as seasonal items openly available on the restaurant chain's menu for a limited time, the shake is hiding a secret.

If you know the correct verbiage, you might just be able to get your hands on a milkshake that could replace the Shamrock Shake as the object of your desire. You only have a chance to snag it while the Shamrock Shake is in circulation, though.

The Shamrock Shake's secret cousin

Hack Menu would like to blow your McMind with the McDonald's McLeprechaun Shake. According to Hack Menu, it's essentially a half-and-half concoction, blending the Shamrock Shake and a standard McDonald's chocolate shake together. To get it, you'll need to ask for it by name and luck out with a cooperative McDonald's employee willing to make it for you.

While there are many examples of a copycat McDonald's Shamrock Shake recipe, the real thing is hard to replicate exactly. Then there's the convenience of having someone else actually make your shake for you, which can make visiting a McDonald's taste even sweeter. You might find some extra satisfaction in snagging a McDonald's secret menu item as well, if you do obtain a McLeprechaun Shake while you're there. As with the standard Shamrock Shake, though, the availability of this off-menu treat will depend on supply. For many years, that was precarious, as McDonald's says that despite the fact that a franchisee created the shake in 1967, the corporation didn't make it available nationwide until 2012.

McDonald's says it went to further lengths to market the Shamrock Shake in 2018, introducing a mobile application that allowed users to locate the nearest restaurant offering the shakes. The current McDonald's app might not point you to where you can get a McLeprechaun Shake, but it won't hurt to visit your nearest location and ask for it by name. If the staff fulfill your request, you'll definitely feel quite lucky.