The Fan-Favorite GBBO Contestant TikTok Will Never Get Over

Considering their often strange and irreverent styles of humor, Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas certainly contrast with "The Great British Bake Off"'s sweet and wholesome feeling of homemade cakes in a well-pruned garden on a pleasant sunny day. The show is, after all, filmed in the grounds of an enormous historic manor house, Down Hall (via Metro) — and you can't get more stereotypically British than that.

The expected reserved nature of English country living returned to "GBBO" in the form of Jürgen Krauss, who was featured in Season 12 of the show, notes "The Great British Bake Off" website. The Guardian describes Krauss as being "calm and grounded," and he admitted that he rarely portrays any anger. Subsequently, he became a beloved sweetheart of many fans.

But his eventual elimination before the final of the competition shocked his supporters — and even led to 115 complaints to the U.K.'s media regulator, reports The Guardian. The pain still runs deep among Krauss' TikTok fans, with a viral video from user @futurefarmowner mourning the baker's departure being viewed more than 500,000 times.

TikTokkers still can't believe Jürgen's Bake Off exit

The TikTok video is described as "not a day goes by when I don't think about the Jurgenator," showing a visibly emotional person before images of Jürgen Krauss captioned with, "it hurts to remember all the good times."

People are saying Krauss should have had a place in the final, claiming he was "robbed" of the opportunity. Many repliers say they cried when they realized Krauss' eviction, with some describing feeling "heartbroken," "devastated," and "mad." Given the immense anger on TikTok, it's incredible the U.K. escaped riots.

Some viewers have added a touch of realism. One recalls how Krauss dropped a cake on the floor but still gave it to judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood to eat, while others remind people that Giuseppe Dell'Anno, another hero of "GBBO" fans, was crowned winner. Neither of these arguments have abated the surge of "justice for Jürgen" comments, or even one proclaiming, "he's my favorite human." "Jürgen, I love you" is probably the most concise conclusion of all.