Why You Should Be Using Your Slow Cooker To Make Cocktails

Raise your hand if you are in love with your slow cooker! And why shouldn't you? It's the kitchen appliance that makes your life easier by helping you cook casseroles, sauces, stews, chilis, soups, and tons of easy recipes without you having to pay close attention, thereby allowing you to multi-task. 

Here's another reason to love your slow cooker even more: You can use this countertop appliance to make drinks, including cocktails. Yes, there are many alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to make with a slow cooker, from chai tea to spiced wine, to get the party started. The occasions can vary from a dinner party with your closest friends to a Christmas reunion with your abundant relatives. In any case, you can use your slow cooker for the alcohol portion of your concoction. This will keep a crowd happy and you, the host, will have more space and time. 

But, as with all things cooking-related, it is always better to plan ahead.

Slow cookers make a good amount of cocktails for any party

According to AllRecipes, there are some ground rules to follow when preparing warm cocktails in the slow cooker. The main one is keeping a close eye on the given recipe because if this one includes infusions, powders, or any spices, it might change how you use the slow cooker, including the temperature you will need.

For example, you should maintain a high temperature when doing infusions that need additional sweeteners or powders, like when making a Hot Toddy, and you must reduce that temperature when those infusions are done to keep the alcohol from cooking off. If this is done right, you'll have around 5 quarts of cocktails for your next party if using a standard slow cooker, avoiding the stress of having to prepare cocktails one-by-one in your blender or shaker, or finding out there are not enough drinks for your guests.

Also, be careful with your recipe — adding too much alcohol is a big mistake while using the slow cooker. The lid to your slow cooker will probably be on all the time, so this might not let the alcohol evaporate completely (via The Daily Meal). If you respect the ingredients and temperatures, you will have cocktails like the hot Toddy and Mulled Wine (via Tasty) rocking your next celebrations and you can even spike up your classic apple cider recipe with some booze. Cheers for the slow cooker!