Some Aldi Shoppers Aren't Exactly Thrilled With This Gelato Flavor

The dog days of summer are a prime time to enjoy ice cream. This sweet, creamy dessert was ranked as America's number one summer food in a 2015 Harris Poll commissioned by Mars Ice Cream (via PR Newswire). But some people might want to switch things up a little, and the frozen Italian treat known as gelato might be just what they are looking for. Gelato has many similarities to ice cream. Both frozen desserts are made with cream, milk, and sugar. However, gelato is a little denser and delivers a slightly more intense flavor than traditional ice cream. This is because gelato contains more milk, but less butterfat and air, which makes it a smoother and creamier dessert. Gelato is also served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream, at around 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which heightens the flavor, according to the Food Network.

While some gelato brands may be pricey, Aldi – which is known for its low prices – rolled out its own version of the dessert. Its Specially Selected multilayer gelato is available in multiple flavors, including Chocolate and Coconut Crunch and Chocolate Vanilla Cookie, for just $3.49 for a 16-ounce container, according to The Krazy Coupon Lady. (Though item prices aren't constant across stores.) However, at least one of those flavors left a bad taste in some people's mouths.

Some shoppers were disappointed by the gelato's taste

At least some people were thrilled to find Aldi's gelato at their local store. One shopper even took to Reddit to rave about the product. "This gelato is so good! Just finished it," u/u/Rare_Lobster7707 captioned a photo of the Chocolate Vanilla Cookie gelato. Some fellow Aldi fans sounded just as excited by the find. "I just bought some yesterday. Can't wait to try it!!" replied u/cunit4mom, and another user raved about the Coffee Vanilla Delight flavor, which they called "AMAZING," adding "one of the layers tasted like coffee while they had a richer tasting swirl that reminded me of espresso."

However, this gelato did not get good reviews from everyone. A few said they were disappointed by a "weird" taste. Reddit user u/Simple-Captain9213 explained that "the chocolate ice cream on top was AMAZING, but I felt the vanilla had the weirdest chemical taste to it, and the cookie crumbs were ridiculously stale (even for being frozen)." Another user agreed: "I wasn't a fan. Everything about it tasted weird. Wish I would have grabbed the cookies and cream bars instead." For those people, the gelato probably won't be in the running for their favorite summer dessert.