Trader Joe's Shoppers Can't Wait To Try Its New Watermelon Product

Watermelon is one of the most refreshing treats of the summer. Whether you're making watermelon cocktails, tossing it on the grill, or just enjoying it straight from the rind, there are few things more satisfying than cooling off with this sweet, hydrating fruit. And watermelon doesn't just taste great, it also offers a number of health benefits. According to Web MD, watermelon contains healthy nutrients like lycopene, citrulline, and beta-cryptoxanthin, which have been linked to a lower risk of cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, and rheumatoid arthritis.

But you don't even have to eat watermelon to reap all of its benefits. Thanks to its hydrating properties and high amounts of Vitamins A, B6, and C, it can be a great addition to summertime skincare. After a long, hot day in the sun, a refreshing spritz of watermelon facial mist can be just the thing to cool and revitalize your skin. At least that is what many Trader Joe's shoppers are saying. Fans of the store recently took to social media to rave about the return of the brand's popular Watermelon Facial Mist. This seasonal product is made with natural ingredients like watermelon seed oil, rice bran oil, jojoba seed oil, and watermelon fruit extract, which deliver a cooling, cleansing burst of skin refreshment throughout the day, according to Trader Joe's website.

Trader Joe's shoppers plan to stock up on the seasonal item

Based on the rave reviews Trader Joe's Watermelon Facial Mist has received online, it appears that many shoppers can't wait to stock up on this summer item. The popular Instagram account, @traderjoeslist, has posted an alert for followers about the item's return. "You know it's summer at Trader Joe's when you have the opportunity to refresh your face and have it smell like a watermelon," they captioned the post, before warning shoppers that "this refreshing face mist is a seasonal item so it will be gone just as quick as it arrived!" 

Some followers took this warning to heart. "My absolute favorite toner. I bought 6 to hopefully last me the year," one replied. "One of my favs, I will be stocking up to have enough til next summer," agreed another.

Others took to the comments section to express their delight over the product's return. One user called the item "so cooling," while another said the smell reminded them of "watermelon candy" but didn't "leave the face sticky and keeps it hydrated in the elements." One fan recommends to "stick it in the fridge" as it provides an even more cooling feeling. 

If these positive responses are to be believed, it certainly seems that some Trader Joe's fans wouldn't mind if this seasonal product stayed on the shelves a little longer, seeing as Trader Joe's is always out of fan favorite products.