Pizza Hut Reigns Supreme For The Best Wings According To New Survey

There is one savory, often sauce-slathered meal that may come to mind when thinking of football and the American way — and that's chicken wings. According to the South Florida Reporter, most people in the U.S. will devour 18,000 pieces of the iconic snack throughout their lives. It's not only apparent that Americans love their wings, it's also just as easy to see why the classic treat has become a widely loved meal in the States.

Aside from their great taste, chicken wings are the result of American innovation. It is believed that the now well-known football food was originally created in the U.S. as an effort to not waste what was considered chicken parts that were not worth eating, per Smithsonian. Since their birth, chicken wings have become so popular that countless fast food chains offer eager customers the opportunity to order piping hot wings to-go.

However, pizza chains in particular seem to be the most highly regarded fast food hot wings producers. Mashed conducted a survey asking voters what the best pizza fast food restaurant to grab a set of spicy wings from on a Saturday night is, and respondents gave one chain the honor of being deemed home of the most delicious wings.

Pizza Hut wings' flavor conquers all

You can't out pizza the Hut, and voters indicated you can't out chicken wing the Hut either, with the majority of voters saying Pizza Hut has the best wings. While Pizza Hut entered fast food in the '50s, Pizza Hut wings did not appear on the notorious pizza chain's menu until 1995. However, the brand's chicken wings have come a long way despite their short history. Pizza Hut now has a co-existing chain inside of many of its restaurant locations, WingStreet, dedicated to selling the all-American staple. And with 10 flavors to choose from and the option to buy anywhere from 6 to 48 wings at a time, Pizza Hut won the best wings spot title with 36.50% of 526 survey respondents' support.

Coming in second was a brand that was briefly America's number one pizza place during COVID-19. Domino's chicken wings only offer consumers 6 different flavors, which for 26.62% of voters, wasn't near enough to stack up against Pizza Hut. The third place winner lost out to Domino's by an incredibly small margin; Papa John's chicken wings, which include sauceless, oven-baked wings, earned 25.29% of the vote.

The chicken wings producer that voters will be steering away from on Super Bowl Sunday was Little Caesars. The pizza chain's wings have just four flavor options and are only sold in a sets of eight. With 11.60% of voters behind it, respondents seem to feel Little Caesars has some major work to do on their chicken wing game.