Friendly's Wants To Give You A Free Treat For Its 87th Birthday

If you grew up with a Friendly's nearby, consider yourself lucky. The Massachusetts-based chain got its start in 1935, and 30 years later, it introduced what we know today as the Fribble. Long story short, according to the New England Historical Society, the drink started out being called an "Awful Awful," however a trademark problem with a New Jersey-based ice cream company meant that Friendly's would have to rename its signature milkshake if it ever wanted to set up shop in New Jersey.

Eventually, Friendly's moved into New Jersey, and after holding a competition to rename the drink, it settled on Fribble. Now, 87 years after the first restaurant opened, the Fribble is one of Friendly's best-known menu items, and as a result, it's the center of the chain's 87th birthday celebration. Here's everything you need to know about how to score a free Fribble to celebrate the ice cream chain's anniversary.

How to get a free Friendly's Fribble

CEO Craig Erlich has an announcement for Friendly's fans: "As a hallmark of Friendly's classic menu and a favorite treat of our late founder, Pres Blake, it's fitting to celebrate Founder's Day with a FREE Fribble for our guests to enjoy," Erlich said in a company press release sent to Mashed. Fribbles are available in either vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, or customers can create their own Fribble by choosing their favorite syrup paired with their favorite ice cream flavor.

There is just one catch to claim the free milkshake: you must be a member of the Friendly's Sweet Rewards Club. You can join the club online or via the Friendly's app, but you'll need a smartphone to claim the shake, since it will come through as a coupon in the app. This offer is only valid on July 18 only and is even available through delivery, though fees may apply. While Friendly's has filed for bankruptcy in the past, the chain still has more than 100 locations in operation.