Gordon Ramsay's Reaction To An Unexpected Burger Bun Is Too Relatable

When an unsuspecting home cook decided to go public with her all-protein burger bun idea, we're betting she didn't count on having Gordon Ramsay weigh in on it, but here we are. 

In a split-screen Instagram post, we watch as Ramsay provides a running commentary of her creative kitchen fail. The home cook begins by grating a frozen piece of chicken, then adding eggs, seasoning, and breadcrumbs before forming it into a patty, laying that into a small bowl, and then putting it in the freezer for an hour, to make what the veteran chef called  "a hockey puck ... for giants." 

Ramsay appears to get progressively more horrified as she then removes the chicken, coats it in flour, egg, and breadcrumb before baking it, with Ramsay exclaiming, "It looks like a loaf of bread!" As she cuts into the chicken, the chef says "look at how dry that thing is." When she finally preps the "burger bun" by adding mayonnaise, burger patties, cheese slices, and bacon, Ramsay finally says: "girl, you lost the plot! Who is eating that thing, because you need a freaking medal!"

While Ramsay is known for his burger recipes, per Good Morning America, he's not known for keto bread. But keto bread recipes do exist, with many, such as Food52's keto loaf, made with a combination of psyllium husk and almond flour, as well as xanthan gum. 

Gordon Ramsay's followers were most amused

Gordon Ramsay's Instagram followers weighed in on what they'd just witnessed, with one taking exception to the way the chicken was prepped. "That is actually disgusting," one person wrote. Another could only say, "People do some crazy things lol."

Many of Ramsay's fans also took exception with the way the home cook was filmed wearing plastic gloves as she prepped the chicken and then appeared to use the same gloves to touch her freezer door and her oven door. "Why wear gloves if you're going to touch every surface in your kitchen," one user pointed out. Another one said, "All I saw was raw chicken gloves on the freezer handle" with a series of crying emojis. And a third asked "Um, is she changing her gloves throughout this or is she just spreading salmonella everywhere?"

Just so we're clear, Perdue recommends using hot water and soap to wash everything that comes into contact with raw chicken, from hands to utensils, as well as sanitizing work surfaces. The chicken brand also recommends using a meat thermometer to ensure the chicken is cooked to 170 F for white meat, to avoid what one Ramsay fan said was "the core ingredient in a good keto diet: salmonella poisoning."