Here's What Happened To Magic Dates After Shark Tank

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Many folks don't know much about dates, let alone how to use them. However, Magic Dates has made consumption of the cluster-growing fruit more popular among Americans since its 2022 "Shark Tank" appearance.

Entrepreneur Diana Jarrar grew up in Syria, with her family fleeing the country as civil war refugees in 1997. As she transitioned to life in the United States, Jarrar missed aspects of Syrian culture, including picking and eating dates. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, she decided to not only embrace her cultural background, but celebrate and share it — soon afterwards, Magic Dates was born.

According to the Magic Dates website, Jarrar's sweet snacks contain only the natural sugars found in dates, as well as plenty of fiber and healthy fats. In addition to being plant-based, Magic Dates are also gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo-friendly. As you can imagine, Jarrar was well-positioned to step into the "Shark Tank" and ask the sharks for an investment. So, where is Magic Dates today?

The sharks hesitated to take a bite out of Magic Dates

In the tank, Jarrar explained that her treats were made by blending together dates, walnuts, coconut, and cacao nibs, then coating them in dark chocolate. She emphasized the fact that Magic Dates contain whole, nutrient-rich ingredients.

Although the sharks enjoyed sampling Magic Dates, they were skeptical of Jarrar's request of $150k in exchange for 10% equity. She offered a potential estimate of closing out 2022 with $175k in sales, as compared to $136k in 2020 and $100k in 2019. Shark Robert Herjavek seemed hung up on the fact that Magic Dates was being sold strictly through retail partners like Whole Foods, and not direct-to-consumer methods.

Mark Cuban, in turn, questioned Jarrar's decision to revamp her packaging, suggesting the move was made out of desperation for more sales. Ultimately, it was Kevin O'Leary who offered a deal of $150k in exchange for 33.3% equity, insisting he needed a full third in order to pour all his effort into Magic Dates. The negotiations concluded with Jarrar accepting O'Leary's proposal.

Magic Dates experienced the Shark Tank effect

As is the case with many products seen on "Shark Tank" (whether or not they leave with a deal), Magic Dates soon experienced a spike in sales. In an interview with Forbes, O'Leary said his first call was to distributor FGF Brands, who could help Jarrar with production and selling the product on a much larger scale.

Jarrar said on Instagram that she felt like she was "flying" after not only making a deal with O'Leary, but also seeing more people interested in her product. O'Leary explained that, because Magic Dates are tasty without packing on extra sugar, they've become popular with moms who want to give their kids healthier snacks.

Sales after the "Shark Tank" episode were so massive that the Magic Dates listing on Amazon sold out. Jarrar recommended that fans order from the Magic Dates website itself, should they go out of stock again. So, how has Magic Dates been faring with its sales in 2023?

The sky's the limit for Magic Dates

Magic Dates continues to do solid business as of August 2023. The sweet treats are available in numerous stores across the U.S., including Erewhon, Lassens, Whole Foods, Mothers Market, and Down to Earth.

Today, Magic Dates come in seven flavors: blueberry chocolate, salted walnut brownie, coconut cream, lemon bar, chocolate coconut, chocolate hazelnut truffle, and triple chocolate. An eight-bag supply costs between $42 and $49, though repeat-customers can save money through the Magic Dates subscription program. Magic Dates also now offers date samplers for $40, with each box including four types of dates, as well as recipe inspiration.

The company is now estimated to be worth approximately $600k, which is an improvement over Kevin O'Leary's valuation at $450k in 2022. Magic Dates currently boasts 12.4k followers on Instagram, as well as a 3.8 star rating on Amazon. One Amazon reviewer pointed out that, while Magic Dates are more expensive than many other snacks, their high-quality ingredients make them worth the price.

What's next for Magic Dates?

In a 2023 interview with Forbes, Kevin O'Leary said he intends to help Magic Dates get to $5 million — even $150 million eventually — in sales. His recent efforts to get Magic Dates in with FGF Brands could very well help the process along, as the distributor has also made companies like Stonefire, ACE Bakery, Simple Joys, and Santosh more accessible.

Sales aside, it wouldn't be surprising if Diana Jarrar continues to share recipes as well. The Magic Dates website already features a recipes tab, but she frequently shares additional recipes on Instagram, be it strawberry lemon scones, salted walnut brownie bars, or homemade Girl Scout cookies.

While it may take some time for Magic Dates to reach the level of success envisioned by O'Leary, it's also safe to say that Jarrar remains thankful. Not only has she made dates more appealing to Americans, but she has also inspired them to use them more creatively in cooking.