Here's What Happened To Magic Dates After Shark Tank

An appearance on "Shark Tank" can literally help a product sink or swim, especially if a shark or two get on board. It's not chump change, either, when a deal is made. Few deals have exemplified the American Dream more than Magic Dates, the brainchild of Diana Jarrar, a Syrian immigrant who came to America at age 11. As she shares on the product's website, dates are a staple of Arabic culture, not to mention a naturally sweet, nutritious food that satisfies cravings without all of the added sugar that so many Americans turn to candy for. Jarrar's product also incorporates walnuts in place of the date's pit, which are desirable because they contain lots of antioxidants, as well as heart-healthy omega-3 fats, says Healthline.

Jarrar wound up making a deal with shark Kevin O'Leary, aka "Mr. Wonderful," on an episode of the popular show that aired in March, 2022. The terms were that he invested $150,000 for a 33.3% stake in Magic Dates (she originally only wanted the shark to take a 10% stake), reports MEAWW. But, as everyone knows, the snack food industry is a difficult one to penetrate, which leads one to wonder how the company is doing, post-deal.

Here's how Magic Dates is faring

After the "Shark Tank" episode featuring Magic Dates aired, Jarrar took to her company's Instagram where she said, "I feel like I'm flying right now," after making a deal with Kevin O'Leary. Many products report an immediate boost in sales after being featured on the hit television show, and Magic Dates was no exception. Jarrar noted on another Instagram post that the company has, "been working hard to fulfill all of your orders," and also encouraged fans to visit the product's website when the Amazon store is sold out because, "we're always stocked there."

Only a few months after the deal, an interview with O'Leary showcased his enthusiasm for the product's potential (via Instagram). "Mothers wanna give their kids healthy stuff," he said. O'Leary also stated, "Sales are going through the roof," and added that he contacted retailers like Walmart to "blow this thing up together." Jarrar herself has been blown away by O'Leary's extra love and wrote, "He told me he replaced all his sweets and desserts" with her product, and that his family members are all big fans, as well.

Currently, the company has an expansive line of products coated with dark chocolate and not coated. Flavors include blueberry choco dream, salted walnut brownie, and coconut cream cake among others. However, the company recently teased an imminent launch that they bill as "something amazing," so it looks like they're using the "Shark Tank" momentum to keep moving forward with gusto.