Fazoli's Just Announced A Delicious Cheesecake Factory Collab

Although Fazoli's isn't actually authentic Italian food and allegedly serves pre-made food, the chain is still pretty darn popular. One Tripadvisor review describes the chain as "a mix between Pizza Hut and Olive Garden," while another notes, "We got so much to eat for very little money." A third person writes, "If you like working class Italian food ... you'll have lots of choices and consistently tasty results."

According to Fazoli's website, fan favorites include baked spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, and baked lasagna. In addition to pasta, Fazoli's serves various samplers, wings, pizza, salads, meatball subs, breadsticks, and even dessert.

The dessert menu currently offers chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and two Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes (triple chocolate and New York style). Over the years, however, some desserts have come and gone. For instance, many Facebook users still mourn the loss of the chocolate layer cake, but Fazoli's newest dessert might just fill that void. 

Cinnamon roll cheesecake is joining the Fazoli's menu

If you're a fan of cheesecake and cinnamon rolls, you'll be excited to hear that Fazoli's is adding a Cheesecake Factory cinnamon roll cheesecake to its dessert menu. Per Fazoli's announcement, the new dessert fuses cinnamon rolls and cheesecake. Topped with a cinnamon and cream cheese icing and a cinnamon sauce, Fazoli's deems the dessert "an indulgent pairing that's hard to resist."

The new cheesecake is joining the menu for Ravioli Fest, alongside three new ravioli entrees and the Orange Frost Italian Ice, per The Fast Food Post. However, these new additions are not permanent. According to Chew Boom, the cinnamon roll cheesecake is only available for a limited time -– presumably through the end of August, when Ravioli Fest concludes.

One Fazoli's employee shared the news on Facebook, much to the joy of cheesecake lovers. Several people commented that the new dessert "looks delicious," and that they would be visiting Fazoli's to try it. Honestly, it's no surprise that the most popular Cheesecake Factory items are cheesecake.