The Simple Hack That Will Help You Save Money At Aldi

Aldi, the discount supermarket, is widely known for offering some pretty spectacular deals on groceries. Throughout its lifetime, the grocer has garnered a loyal fan base of customers across the world, and those customers are not afraid to bask in their love for the store with one another. With a simple internet search, you can come across a multitude of Aldi-centered web pages, like the ever-so-active Aldi Reddit thread and fan-made Instagram page. These pages are dedicated to discussing and reviewing all things Aldi, including new products, sales, and of course, shopping hacks to help fellow customers save money. 

Aldi workers themselves do not always engage in the discussions, but when they do, the insider information they bring to the table should not be taken lightly. In April 2022, an employee shared a money-saving hack that is meant to help shoppers make already-great deals even better (via The Sun). This may make you love Aldi even more.

The money-saving hack that seems too good to be true

This wallet-friendly hack is possible thanks to Checkout 51, the mobile app that an Aldi employee raved about in The Sun.

After downloading it for free, shoppers can use Checkout 51 to get cash back on some of their groceries. While there are plenty of apps out there that seem similar, Checkout 51 allows shoppers to upload their receipts and earn up to $4 in cash back on the common products they buy there. Some of these products may include produce, bottled beverages, cleaning supplies, and more. Shoppers are eligible to cash out once they earn at least $20 in cash back, and Checkout 51 will send a check directly to their homes (via

If you are an Aldi regular, do not miss out on this opportunity to save even more than you already do. If you have never shopped at Aldi before, you might want to take this as your sign to start.