The Job Opening That's Made For Grill Enthusiasts

There are some pretty epic jobs out there, but a new position from Reynolds Wrap takes the cake — er, steak — for die-hard grillmasters. The position of "Chief Grillderness Officer" is a new one for the aluminum foil manufacturer (via Reynolds Wrap). Once selected, the job requires the winner and a guest to travel around the United States visiting state or national parks, grilling, and otherwise exploring. A recreational vehicle will be provided, plus winners will also be gifted about $2,000 worth of Reynolds Wrap products and merch, like a portable cooler, outdoor portable grill, folding chairs, and more, according to the official rules.

If selected, the Chief Grillderness Officer will also receive a $10,000 gift card, plus another gift card worth $2,000 for gas, park fees, and other such expenses. All told, the value of the entire prize is $24,000, since the RV itself is $10,000 to rent. It's not even necessary for the winner to quit their day job, either, as the trip starts on August 28 and ends on September 6, 2022. Applicants must be at least 25 years old, due to RV rental requirements. Not a bad couple weeks' "work," right?

The Chief Grillderness Officer gets to visit some savory spots

Reynolds Wrap isn't setting up a grueling itinerary for the winner of its "Chief Grillderness Officer" contest. In fact, they want the person selected to choose the national and state parks that really speak to them. There are 423 national parks across 84 million acres in the United States and its territories (per National Park Foundation), plus almost 7,000 state parks (via America's State Parks), so clearly there are more than enough options to choose from.

Submissions must be made by August 4, per Reynolds Wraps. Once selected, the Chief Grillderness Officer is expected to hit the road with a friend and document the grilling and exploration experience on social media, using both photos and videos. To apply for the role, the company wants applicants to email a short essay (200 words or less) detailing what your "dream camping trip adventure entails," an explanation of what makes you the ideal person for the job, and a description (and photo, if you have it) of your favorite meal to grill outdoors. If you do win, just make sure you don't commit these mistakes people make when grilling or use your new grill wrong.