The Sweet Post Martha Stewart Shared For Her Assistant's Birthday

Martha Stewart is among the most successful entrepreneurs in America and she isn't afraid to admit she doesn't run her empire alone. In fact, the TV personality recently expressed a message of gratitude to someone crucial in helping her maintain her professional life on her Instagram account.

Stewart's website says her current business ventures include everything from home products to content production to media appearances. The corporation she founded, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, went public in 1999 before Yahoo! says Sequential Brands Group bought the entire sum of available stock for over $353 million in 2015. Since the Sequential takeover, Stewart has served as the Chief Creative Officer for the company that bears her name.

Those duties, plus her celebrity appearances, keep the Domestic Goddess plenty busy. But, on Thursday, she took a little time out to commemorate the birth of the woman who helps her keep everything on track, from what she really eats to her numerous appointments.

Stewart celebrates her right-hand

Martha Stewart's Thursday morning Instagram post was actually a continuation of a celebration that began Wednesday night at Casa Cipriani New York. At the venue, Stewart explains she took part in a birthday celebration for her executive assistant Dorian Leigh. Alongside the photo, Stewart divulged thoughts about working with Leigh.

Stewart said she has worked with Leigh "for a long time" and explained that she is "efficient, friendly, very competent and exemplary of the quintessential 'assistant'." Over 200 people took to the comments to wish Leigh a happy birthday and compliment Stweart for her choice of words. One user wrote, "Exemplary and quintessential ... I loved that." Leigh graced the comment section as well, writing "Thank you so very much for a lovely and fun evening Martha!"

One surprising fact about Martha Stewart is also a fun fact tied to her assistant, Leigh, who isn't the first woman with that name that Stewart has worked with. Elle explains that the celebrity chef did some work as a model through her 20s. Through that work, she became acquainted with the late supermodel Dorian Leigh, who, coincidentally, retired from modeling to be a chef, and eventually Stewart and Leigh worked catering events together.