TikTok Is Furious About Olivia Rodrigo's Unlimited Chipotle Card

To state the obvious, Americans love Chipotle. In fact, Americans love Chipotle so much that it was voted America's favorite Mexican chain several years in a row (via Restaurant Dive). But it's not just the average American who loves Chipotle –- celebs can't get enough either. According to Bustle, celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus also love burritos and other popular Chipotle menu items.

Even though it's pretty cool to think you might run into one of your favorite celebs at Chipotle, the celebrity experience is often very different. Yes, we're talking about the Chipotle celebrity card, which the chain issues to celebs vocal about their love for Chipotle. Per Entrepreneur, these cards allow celebs to get Chipotle for free, and their social media posts then advertise the restaurant to hungry fans.

If this seems a bit unfair –- you know, because celebs don't need to budget for a Chipotle burrito –- you're not alone. Actress and songwriter Olivia Rodrigo recently came under fire for using her own card to score free food (via Daily Dot).

The internet slams Olivia Rodrigo for getting free Chipotle

According to Daily Dot, Olivia Rodrigo faced backlash from fans after she posted a picture of her Chipotle celebrity card on her Instagram story. One fan's TikTok went viral after he explained that the card allows Rodrigo to get as much free Chipotle as she wants for one year. Yup, she could order a dozen of those Chipotle bowls that had everyone talking, free of charge.

Needless to say, TikTokers were peeved. One person commented, "It rubs me the wrong way that famous rich people get things for free so often, like they don't need it." Another person wrote, "We're complaining about it, but Chipotle now has us talking about them ... so however much money they're losing is worth it." Others explained that this was just another way for Chipotle to advertise. Similar to the reason Costco doesn't advertise, these businesses don't need to advertise when celebs are doing it for them.