The Horrifying Reason A Texas Taco Bell Was Just Sued

Like other big restaurant chains, Taco Bell has had its fair share of scandals. One of these scandals, per The Daily Meal, involved accusations that Taco Bell's beef was not actually beef. Taco Bell's "seasoned beef" has actually come under fire several times since the first claims in 2011, but thankfully, sample testing has laid that particular allegation to rest.

However, other scandals over the years have led to lawsuits. According to Eat This, Not That, Taco Bell faced a large lawsuit in 2019 –- and again in 2021 –- after employees alleged that they were due "unpaid wages and overtime." This particular lawsuit affected more than 180 Taco Bells across the Midwest, all franchises of Sundance Inc.

Taco Bell faced yet another lawsuit after a deaf customer claimed she had been discriminated against at not one, but two different Taco Bell restaurants. When the customer attempted to use the drive-thru, Eater says, she was denied any kind of accommodation. Unfortunately, there are many more incidents like this, including a recent incident in Texas. 

One Taco Bell manager took things too far

After going through a Texas Taco Bell drive-thru, a pair of customers received an incorrect order. They went through the drive-thru two more times to see if they could get their order fixed, but the employees refused to help –- and yet Taco Bell isn't the fast food chain most likely to mess up your order?

At this point, according to Today, the customers went inside, and a manager approached, dumping a bucket of "scalding water" on them. Employees who were watching allegedly laughed, even though the water caused horrible burns. In addition to lasting skin damage, one of the customers began suffering from seizures while being transported to the hospital (via USA Today).

Following the attack, their family launched a lawsuit against Taco Bell, seeking $1 million in damages. Per Today, the suit was filed in Dallas County court and accuses Taco Bell of "gross negligence and hiring negligence." If that wasn't bad enough, ABC 8 says this particular Taco Bell location has a history of violence against customers, with several incidents occurring in the weeks before this latest attack. Yikes.