The Unusual Location Of One Hell's Kitchen Restaurant

The world definitely doesn't lack strange restaurants for adventurous diners to experiment with, but for celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, it's only right that the locations are especially exotic. Ramsay certainly isn't short of restaurants. There are 40 eateries associated with him across the globe, according to the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants website, including in the vibrant destinations of London, Las Vegas, and Kuala Lumpur.

However, arguably one of Ramsay's most unusual and desirable restaurants can be found in Dubai. Located on Bluewaters Island, the restaurant is themed around the chef's hit "Hell's Kitchen" show, with cooking pros split into teams of red and blue to battle it out to find which group cooks the best grub (via Gordon Ramsay Restaurants). The "Hell's Kitchen" fun isn't the most exclusive aspect of the Dubai experience though (you can try that out in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe too).

So, what makes this Dubai restaurant so special, and (most importantly) what can you eat?

A huge private beach surrounds Hell's Kitchen Dubai

Given that private wealth in Dubai is estimated to total $517 billion (via Arabian Business), Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" restaurant in the city has to live up to undoubtedly high expectations — and the location doesn't disappoint. Its precise location on Dubai's Bluewaters Island is at Caesars Palace, which boasts a spa, swimming pools, and a 500-meter private beach.

Ramsay's restaurant also has steep competition at Caesars Palace. The three-time Michelin star recipient Alvin Leung features in his Asian-themed Demon Duck restaurant, and there are other places dedicated to Cuban food, Italian cuisine, and sushi, notes the Caesars Palace site.

Situated by a pool at the resort's Palace Tower, it may be that Ramsay's restaurant is influenced by the island's coastal proximity. According to the menu, the offerings include plenty of seafood options, such as crispy skin salmon for $50, roast cod costing $60, and lobster risotto for $50. There's also Gordon Ramsay's classic beef Wellington ($80), as well as seared foie gras costing $33, steak tartare for $37, and filet mignon priced at $71.