The Dog Who Stole The Internet's Heart With Wendy's Chicken Nuggets

There is no force that brings people together more than the love of dogs. An even more powerful force? Watching dogs do human stuff. No matter the internet's season of life, the consistent virality of dog content proves this statement to be true. Whether they engage in yoga (via Instagram) or science experiments (via Know Your Meme), there is always a uniquely cute and hilarious way for dogs to win over the masses.

Now take getting Wendy's chicken nuggets at a drive-thru. When the average two-legged customer does it, there is not much to see. But a furry four-legged customer doing the same thing could become a show-stopping spectacle, both in person and on the internet. One customer quickly learned this during a drive-thru interaction with employees that ultimately earned them those nuggets for free. What's more, it led to their tweet about the encounter taking the internet by storm. 

The internet's new favorite Wendy's ambassador

On July 14, a Wendy's customer posted a tweet about their experience bringing their dog, Hunter, to the drive-thru, and it didn't take long for that post to go viral (via TODAY). The tweet read, "I just ordered four chicken nuggets for my dog at the Wendy's drive-thru. When I pulled up to the window there were six employees standing there waiting to watch me feed the nuggets to the dog. They refused to take my money." To the delight of the corner of the internet invested in this story, a complimentary video of the hungry pet enjoying the free treat was posted shortly after. 

With the pure joy expressed in the video, It's tough to tell who got more pleasure out of the experience: Hunter, the dog indulging in the nuggets, or the six Wendy's employees who demanded to watch. Perhaps it was the hundreds of thousands of Hunter admirers across the internet.