Costco's Latest Dishes Are An Ode To An Iconic Food Combo

When it comes to food pairings there are some pretty controversial combos out there. The famous "Should fries be dipped in a milkshake?" debate aside, according to People, some members of the U.S. enjoy munching down on sandwiches slathered with mayonnaise and peanut butter. Insider reported that many of America's most unusual food combinations, such as Connecticut's clam pizza and Washington's cream cheese hot dogs, are actually bonafide state delicacies.

But for every food combo that divides the public, there is one that brings them together and brands that assist in fanning the flames of the love affair. For example, enthusiasts of cookies and ice cream were over the moon when Great American Cookie and Marble Slab Creamery announced that they would be opening stores combining their two products in 2020 (per Great American Cookie). Now, Costco has started selling a dish set tailor-made to a widely beloved food combo known for warming our taste buds during the dead of winter (via Instagram).

Costco's new dish set is a must-have for the Soup and Sandwich obsessed

If you can't get enough of dipping your choice of sandwich into soup, Costco understands your unique needs. Instagrammer @cosctohotfinds posted a video where they revealed that the grocery chain is now selling the Bia Soup and Sandwich dish set. While, at first glance, this set doesn't sound like anything unusual, the plates are specially made so that shoppers can enjoy sandwiches and soup without the hassle. Each plate has a place for Costo members to seamlessly set their bowls in.

Sandwich and soup fans united in the comment section to express their excitement over the dish set. One user wrote, "I have to find these! My daughter's favorite dinner is tomato soup and grilled cheese dippers." Another stated, "'Awesome the perfect dish for tomato soup and grilled cheese."

According to the post, the set is made of porcelain, is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe, and comes with 4 plates and 4 bowls. Currently listed at around $30 at Costco, if you're planning on buying the Bia Soup and Sandwich dish set be sure to explore sandwich recipes that were practically made to pair with soup to try out on your new favorite dish set.