Costco Shoppers Are Running To Grab Its New Lemon Bakery Item

From cookies and cakes to pies and bars, the dessert world is truly varied and vast, and everyone has their own personal preference. And let's not forget about the diverse array of flavors. While biting into something rich and chocolatey might send some people straight to food heaven, other dessert lovers may prefer something lighter and fruitier. If the latter appeals to your taste buds, then lemon-flavored desserts are always a great go-to.

This zesty citrus fruit is an integral ingredient in so many classic recipes, from lemon meringue pie to lemon blueberry cheesecake. And who doesn't love whipping up an easy lemon bar recipe every once and a while? Plus, the tangy, fresh taste of lemon desserts makes these sweet treats the perfect way to end a summer meal. If you count yourself a fan of this tart citrus fruit, then a new dessert at Costco recently shared on Instagram might just pique your interest.

Citrus fiends couldn't contain their excitement over Costco's mini lemon cakes

Pucker up, lemon lovers! There's a new lemony treat in the Costco bakery section and customers are buzzing. User @costcosisters shared the exciting news in an Instagram post from July 26. "Costco is the 'zest' for coming out with new sweets," the user captioned the post. @costcosisters highlighted the new tart treats in a punny video. "Lemon show you these," they teased, zooming in on stacks of mini lemon cakes with buttercream icing. The little cakes come in packs of either six or ten.

Fellow lemon lovers took to the comments section to share their delight over these mini lemon cakes. Not only were the customers loving @costcosisters lemon-themed puns, but they seemed equally thrilled about the new desserts. "Running to Costco right now!!!! Meet me there ASAP & bring drinks bcuz we're eating these in the parking lot!" one user wrote, while another commented "Ya, I may need a special delivery." Based on the overwhelming positive response, Costco's mini lemon cakes could be selling like hot cakes!