The Disturbing Item An Aldi Customer Found In A Bag Of Spinach

Spinach is one of those versatile vegetables that you can enjoy in different ways like fresh in a salad, cooked in an omelet, or toasted in focaccia. The leafy green not only offers a yummy crispness to dishes but also provides the body with nutrients such as lutein and zeaxanthin which have been shown to improve eye health, and potassium which supports heart health (via Nourish by WebMD). It's no wonder spinach is a great addition to a smoothie.

Many people have their own vegetable gardens and grow their own spinach, but for a large majority, store-bought spinach is a popular choice. One big benefit of buying pre-packaged vegetables is convenience. Leafy greens that come in a convenient bag that you can pop straight into the refrigerator are a great alternative to growing your own.

Most of us would hope to open a fresh bag of greens and place a few handfuls right into the dish we're cooking, although Bobby Flay says you should never actually cook baby spinach. One Reddit user got what some might call a bonus surprise in their bag of Aldi spinach.

A grasshoppers long journey with baby spinach

While this is a special delicacy in Uganda, most Americans probably wouldn't expect to find a grasshopper in their bag of spinach. However, that's exactly what happened to one Reddit user, who took to the platform to share a photo of the spinach and grasshopper, captioning it "My Aldi spinach came with a surprise today."

"Shrinkflation. I can remember when Aldi bag spinach came with TWO grasshoppers!" replied one Reddit user in jest, while another added "Oh the adventure that little one has had lol. He is there to bring good luck and traveled far to do so."

This little guy was so desperate to remain with that spinach that he might have gone through the whole process of pre-washing, dewatering, air drying, sorting, weighing, and packaging finally making his way to Aldi and into the home of the OP.

Unfortunately, it's not always guaranteed that your fresh fruit and vegetables will remain bug-free whether you buy them at Aldi or any other grocery store. It's always best to check your produce, even the ones from your own garden. And if you're thinking grasshoppers might be worth a try with the way inflation is going, Mashed has some tips on ways you can start cooking with bugs!