How Long Smoked Salmon Really Lasts, According To Michael Symon

Smoked salmon has become a popular component of North American dining in recent decades and has been a staple in the diets of indigenous peoples for generations. The delicacy is most often associated with Alaskan natives and indigenous peoples of the Northern American and Canadian Pacific, originally used to allow these tribes to preserve salmon for long periods of time, explains fishermen group Wild for Salmon. Today, the dish can be found everywhere from five-star restaurants to local fish markets and delis, and it's a deeply smoky and savory treat that foodies can't get enough of.

Considering the expensive price of smoked salmon, many home cooks want to use it while it's fresh, but they may not be sure just how long the fish will last. Food Network chef and "Throwdown!" host Michael Symon recently took to Twitter to set fans straight about how long they can safely keep a batch of smoked salmon. 

Michael Symon's advice for salmon lovers

Responding to a Twitter user asking much longer smoked salmon will last compared to fresh salmon, Symon tweeted that the smoked fish can last three to four times as long when cured first. This advice is in line with guidelines from the USDA that say vacuum-packaged smoked salmon can be kept for three to eight weeks, as opposed to raw fish (one to two days) and cooked fish (three to four days), per the organization's website. Once opened, smoked salmon should be used within a week, according to Food Safety News.

It's unclear what the inquisitive Twitter user intended to do with their salmon, but Symon has a few recipes of his own for fish fans to choose from, including his smoked salmon and sour cream sauce. The recipe, approachable even for non-Food Network stars, has you cook fresh onions with olive oil, creme fraiche, and dill, and then you'll have the perfect spread to pair with your crusty sourdough or bagel (via Cooking Channel).

Symon had another smoked salmon safety tip for fans, adding to his tweet, "Always check first... the nose rarely lies." Leave it to Chef Symon to show us that sometimes the best cooking tools aren't always the most high-tech ones. We'll be sure to keep that in mind the next time we chow down on some delicious smoked salmon.