Martha Stewart's Birthday Selfie Brought In All The Instagram Hearts

No one knows how to celebrate quite like Martha Stewart, and she decided to create something of a social media sensation for her birthday this year. The master of all things related to food and fun, Stewart posted a birthday selfie to her Instagram, saying that it was taken before her "big bday dinner." She also noted in the post that she'd already enjoyed a feast of sorts at lunch, complete with "just a bit too much @19crimes martha's chard."

The wine she's referring to, of course, is the one that bears her likeness, which she produced in conjunction with 19 Crimes. Other celebrities, like her bestie Snoop Dogg, also have 19 Crimes wines to their credit. The wine brand so loves Stewart that they recently ran a promotion in which "one lucky Chard lover" would win a "Martha Stewart action figure," per the brand's Instagram page. No word yet on whether Stewart and company kept the party going on through dinner, but her fans seemed to love the picture she shared.

Fan reaction to Martha Stewart's birthday selfie

Although most of Stewart's fans are there to swoon over the icon, she does occasionally ruffle some feathers. In 2021, Instagram was in an uproar over Stewart's controversial treat after she posted a picture of her signature wine alongside some foie gras — some fans were angered due to the inhumane way it's produced (ducks and geese are force-fed to the point where their livers are made extra fatty).

This time, however, the Instagram commentary has been largely favorable, with little else but sincere birthday well wishes. Artist Carlos Souza commented, "HAPPY BDAY DEAREST MARTHA. MISS YOU," along with a range of celebratory emojis. Author and professional speaker Lydia Fenet chimed in with, "There's no such thing as too much Martha's chard. Happy happy Martha!" Then, of course, 19 Crimes had to get in on the action, saying, "Happy Birthday to our lovely partner in wine!"

Plenty of everyday folks hopped on the celebratory train, too. One commenter said, "Thank you for inspiring us to age well," and another one called her "the best of the best." Well, if Stewart wasn't feeling fine after all that Martha's Chard, these comments will definitely do the trick.