The Unique Food Lizzo Used To Offset The Spice On Hot Ones

Conducting a good interview can be tricky, but catering to the taste of the interview subject is a surefire way to make a good interview great. "Hot Ones," the popular YouTube series by First We Feast, demonstrated the importance of this special attention when Grammy Award-winning artist Lizzo came to the studio. 

For those unfamiliar with the unique format of "Hot Ones," each video welcomes an A-List celebrity for an interview. But there's a spicy twist: While answering questions, the interviewee must try to eat hot wings that get progressively hotter throughout the conversation. Guests who can make it to the top of the Scoville scale get to promote their upcoming projects. Guests who don't make it through can also promote their work, but they are added to the show's "Hall of Shame."

In Lizzo's debut episode, she dives into the details of her career, from her roots in classical music training to her rise to mainstream fame, all while powering through each level of spiciness. Determined to eat her way to the top, she endures heat too intense for most to fathom. Luckily for the pop icon, a special cool down treat was at her side.

A sweet treat for a superstar

Those who follow Lizzo know that the musician has publicly championed vegan eating in the past, like in her TikTok video gushing over a "Detroit-style vegan pizza." And during her appearance on "Hot Ones," she even took on the web series' spicy gauntlet with vegan wings. So it makes sense that host Sean Evans would continue the trend with vanilla-flavored oat milk ice cream at the end of the final hot wing round (via YouTube), an alternative to the traditional dairy-based ice cream that other "Hot Ones" champions have been rewarded.

While Lizzo showed gratitude by digging into the dairy-free dessert, viewers took to the comment section of the video to commend the move. One commenter said, "I'm sorry ya'll...but the oatmilk ice cream part was super cute. Sean really knows how to make his guests feel comfortable on this show. Amazing! And (of course) Lizzo seems so down to earth and hilarious." Even without the ice cream, Lizzo certainly handled the heat like a champ.