The Cat-Sized Costco Water Jug That's Astounding Reddit

A staple of most North American suburbs, Costco's warehouse-style shopping experience has made it an icon among national grocery chains. Costco's signature tiered membership system gives the retailer an air of exclusivity, making the deals and discounts found inside seem all the more enticing. The store is probably most known for selling massive quantities of snack foods and other daily culinary necessities, including larger-than-life versions of household items. 

One such massive Costco item that the internet can't get enough of is its oversized Manna-brand water bottle that is roughly the size of a house cat, according to a recent photo of a Reddit user's cat posing next to the product. Appropriately known as the Titan, the bottle is made of stainless steel and holds an impressive four liters of liquid (via Costco Wholesale). With the bottle holding a little over a gallon of water, it's safe to say it would help you remember how much water you should be drinking every day.

Redditors say this bottle keeps your drinks cold for days

Since gracing the r/Costco subreddit, the Titan water bottle seems to be one of the rare things that most Reddit users agree on, with a majority of commenters saying they love it. U/pa_bourbon shared a tip on how to maximize the Titan's cold drink potential: "Fill 1/3 with ice and the rest with a cold drink. The ice regularly keeps for a full day in mine...I've had ice last 3 days." Fellow Redditor u/curiousblindwoman also chimed in to sing the water bottle's praises, stating they had left the bottle in the sun for a day and came back to find ice still intact the following day. That's a pretty impressive feat for a water bottle! 

Users were also quick to share real-world examples of the bottle's many uses, with Redditor u/Ollides calling the water bottle perfect for staying hydrated during a Disney trip. U/sonofalando stated that the Titan was ideal for making sure water was plentiful over the course of several hiking trips. No matter where you choose to take your Titan, Redditors say to be prepared to look a little "absurd" while drinking from such a large container — yet pleased to be staying hydrated in the summer heat.