Olivia Newton-John's Diet Book Perfectly Explains Her Life Philosophy

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Iconic Australian singer, actress, and entrepreneur Olivia Newton-John was prominent in the entertainment industry for many years. Many Americans first met her in the 1978 hit "Grease" as a mild-mannered high schooler. She was also known for her pop hits during the '70s and '80s, five of which made it to No.1 status including "Magic," "Physical," and "I Honestly Love You" (per Billboard). She also owned a fashion brand called Koala Blue from the late '80s until the early '90s (via The Sydney Morning Herald).

Her life was disrupted 18 years ago, however, when she received a breast cancer diagnosis — not once, but three times. She overcame it in 1992 and again in 2013 (via Body and Soul). She was diagnosed again in 2019 and unfortunately, succumbed to the disease on Monday.

Despite knowing that her diagnosed stage 4 cancer had a 22% survival rate, Newton-John's outlook on life was always positive. It was an outlook reflected in the way she participated in various charity work, including the Red Cross, Healthy Child Healthy World, and her own organization, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre (via Look to the Stars). After her cancer diagnosis, she focused on her wellbeing and healthy eating (via Body and Soul). In 2012, she wrote the cookbook "Livwise: Easy Recipes For a Healthy, Happy Life," which included her many life philosophies.

Always have a positive outlook no matter the odds

Olivia Newton-John said that people often asked her what her secret to staying healthy at her age was, prompting her to write a cookbook. In the book, she explains that there's no real secret, and that it all comes down to exercise and what we put in our bodies (via Body and Soul). While Newton-John had attempted to write other books in the past, this was her first complete book. She felt its success came down to the fact that it was about her journey with food and not her personally. "Livwise: Easy Recipes for a Healthy, Happy Life," written with the help of chefs and nutritionists, is filled with vegetarian recipes for the whole family. Newton-John writes, "Every plant and animal once had life, and each time I eat, I try to acknowledge this and honor that life with a quiet grace" (via Livwise).

The iconic actress and singer told Body and Soul that she didn't like to dwell on death. "I try to meditate and be peaceful about it and know that everyone I love is there, so there's something to look forward to." Though Newton-John's passing on August 8 will undoubtably leave a hole in the entertainment community, her contributions and legacy will continue to make an impact. Proceeds from her cookbook benefit the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Victoria, Australia.