Potato Bread Is Healthier Than You Might Think

Many types of bread are out there, making it hard to choose just one. Croissants, focaccia, and the famous sourdough are all delicious and unique in their own way. But, for nutrition reasons, some may choose a bread richer in fiber, a gluten-friendly option, or even cut bread from their diet because they might perceive it as unhealthy or full of chemicals. However, it's recommended to consume bread in moderation, better if it is whole wheat or sprouted, to have a balanced diet (via Healthline).

From the plethora of options, you'll find potato bread. Potato bread has, as you probably guessed, mashed potatoes (via King Arthur Baking Company) or potato flour in its recipe. Because of this, the texture is exceptionally spongy and moist. It's easy to have the preconception that potato bread has too many calories as it mixes flour and potato, but it is quite the opposite. According to Nutritionix, a slice of potato bread has 85 calories, only slightly higher than whole wheat bread, which has 81 calories (via Nutritionix). 

Thanks to the potato, potato bread brings in many nutrients

Because potato bread is made with simple ingredients, this enhances its nutritional value and benefits for the body (per Livestrong). In a slice of potato bread, you'll get calcium, iron, and vitamin B-6. It also has more potassium than others, which gives it a thumbs up for cardiovascular health. If you're looking for more daily fiber intake, you'll be happy to find that one slice of potato bread provides 2 grams of fiber, which is the same as whole wheat but more than what's found in white bread. This can support gut health and balanced cholesterol levels (via Healthline).

SFGATE says that potato bread is an excellent source of vitamin E and folate while also being tasty and versatile. It is perfect for a chicken, ham, or grilled cheese sandwich. It can also be used as breakfast toast with sweet and salty toppings like peanut butter, avocado, or eggs. Potato bread is an excellent alternative to renovate your bread texture and flavor without sacrificing your nutrition goals.