30% Of People Think This Chain Restaurant Has The Worst Salads

Sometimes you go out to dinner and you're just not hungry enough to order a full rack of ribs or a triple-decker burger. Sure, you could order something smaller, but you could also order a salad. It's light, it's healthy, and it's usually on the lower price end of the menu.

While a salad may seem a bit boring, keep in mind that most restaurants have their own unique salad, if not a few. Olive Garden's salad, for example, contains a fresh mix of iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, and carrot, as well as chopped veggies, croutons, and the chain's signature Italian dressing. Oh, and we can't forget the cheese, which is obviously on the list of top reasons Olive Garden's salad is so delicious (even if serving it can be aggravating to employees, per The Daily Dot).

However, as much as we all love Olive Garden's salad (despite the disappearing discounts, via the New York Post), not all restaurant salads receive the same adoration. Mashed recently polled 551 of our readers to see which restaurants are thought to have the worst salads.

No one goes to Buffalo Wild Wings for a salad

According to a recent survey, not all restaurant salads are created equal. In fact, some are just downright bad. A whopping 30% of respondents said they thought Buffalo Wild Wings has the worst salad, and honestly, this makes sense given how many people have problems with the B-Dubs wedge salad. You know — sloppy presentation, sparse toppings, etc. Besides, people go for the wings, not the salad.

Voted second-worst was Applebee's, with 17.8% of the votes. Applebee's salads, available in four varieties, were closely followed by TGI Friday's and The Cheesecake Factory, with 16% and 14.3% respectively. Outback Steakhouse was close on these chains' heels, with 12.2% of respondents saying its salad was the worst of the bunch.

And who had the fewest votes for Worst Salad? You guessed it, Olive Garden. Only 9.8% of survey respondents said Olive Garden's salad was their least favorite restaurant salad. That seems pretty good, considering most of us go for Olive Garden's delicious breadsticks