The Best Road Trip Snacks, According To Instagram

So, you've swallowed the bitter pill of modern gas prices and opted for that fun road trip anyway. But what snacks should you pack for the road? Even if the car ride is music-infused and fun, gas station and convenience store snacks might not cut it. Those stops are good for a splurge, but if your crew is counting on that for sustenance, you may face digestive issues and a good bout of grouchiness among the ranks.

Long road trips involve a lot of sitting, which often translates to less movement than you'd typically manage in a day. And while there's nothing wrong with eating packaged foods, you might be looking for better-for-you options to keep your energy levels up on the trip.

Yes, road trips can be stressful — especially when passengers start getting hangry. But with a little planning ahead of time, it doesn't have to be that way.

The best easy-to-pack snacks

For a road trip made great, Instagram personality Deanne Panday suggests keeping nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate on hand. She points out that these portable treats are nutrient-rich but also calorie-dense. For balance, she tosses in rice cakes, crackers, energy bars, and a few juices as well.

Coach Ann Schulte also pulled together a snack list that mixes complex carbs and protein-heavy treats. She notes that nuts are a great source of both fat and protein. From there, she suggests trying Chomps turkey sticks at 10 grams of protein a pop or a cup of tear-and-toss cottage cheese (which can rack up 17 grams of protein) and reminds fans not to skimp on fruit supplies.

Still, a road trip just isn't the same without a few comforts from home, such as our very favorite homemade cookies or sandwiches. For an on-the-go homemade meal, Minimalist Baker has a handle on road trip sandwiches, too. She keeps it simple by making a sandwich with hummus, vegan cheese, lettuce, and sliced mango. Wrap it in parchment paper and save it for when the munchies hit mid-trip.

To end your driving day with an elevated flair, Couple in the Kitchen suggests making a wine cocktail with a twist. Keep a cooler that has your favorite rosé chilled and a few frozen edible flower petals and sliced jalapeños. The combo is a wildly popular TikTok trend and will bring a refreshing, rewarding end to a road trip drive done right.