The Cheese Dip That Some Aldi Shoppers Can't Stand

For whatever reason, products like Cheez Whiz and spray cheese inspire one of two extreme responses in people. In other words, you either love 'em or hate 'em. For many people, it seems to be the latter.

As you might expect, hate for these kinds of "cheese" products usually ties back to the product being processed and blatantly artificial. How else would these items last as long as they do and still keep that violent orange-yellow color?

Many people also readily assume that Cheez Whiz and similar products don't actually contain any cheese, but this is only sometimes the case. For instance, Oola says Cheez Whiz in particular does not list cheese among its ingredients. However, Easy Cheese spray cheese does contain a small amount of cheese, and as Delish notes, cheese products are only required to be at least 51% real cheese.

This cheese conundrum came into play yet again when Reddit users dished on a cheese dip found at Aldi. Needless to say, people had some very strong reactions to even the mere mention of the product.

Reddit won't use this cheese dip from Aldi

One Aldi shopper sparked a hot debate on Reddit after they posted about a cheese dip they had bought, asking if it was any good. According to their post, they wanted to use the cheese dip for nachos and just wanted to know what others thought of the product.

The first comment, which read, "I can't stand this sauce," truly set the tone for the rest of the thread. Countless others echoed this sentiment, with one person describing it as "melted American cheese," and another saying, "It's a no from me." Yet another person said the product was "100% real cheese colored," whatever that means. Other Redditors compared the cheese dip to salty melted plastic, appropriate for the likes of "7-Eleven nachos."

However, a few Redditors had something nice to say about Aldi's cheese dip. They recommended using the dip for mac n' cheese, soft pretzels, veggies, and chili cheese dogs, but definitely not for nachos, and we'd have to agree. For what it's worth, the grocery chain also sells a salsa con queso from Casa Mamita that impressed Aldi Reviewer.