Here's What To Do If You're Missing Dunkin's DD Perks Points

Dunkin', which changed its name for a reason unrelated to its donuts, has made many moves to keep up with the times over its history. That includes establishing a customer loyalty program that is now known by the name DD Perks. Recently, though, some customers have had trouble getting their perks to work.

Social & Loyal explains the number of businesses offering loyalty programs has risen as improvements in technology have made the programs more accessible. Using tools like apps, it's easier than ever for not only businesses to track customers' activities and reward them for patronage but also for customers to monitor their own progress toward rewards. Stuzo says among the benefits are more individualized customer experiences and the chance for greater engagement with consumers.

However, as with all programs dependent on technology, everything can come to a halt in seconds if there are bugs in the system. Some Dunkin' customers may have recently encountered such a glitch, but a compatriot on Reddit swooped in to save the day.

Have your coffee and drink it too

Recently, some Dunkin' customers encountered a glitch in using the DD Perks program. According to Dunkin's website, DD Perks members earn points toward free beverages. Reddit user u/no930 complained that instead of getting the 100 points they expected for their "order of free reward with almond milk," they only received three points. Reddit user u/poopstinkyfart also seemed to have issues as well because they asked fellow Redditors if iced lemonade qualified for points. Another commenter replied that "points aren't working at all."

User u/no930 presented a solution to that problem nearly as quickly as they posted about their points quandary. They claimed to have contacted Dunkin' via email and gotten their points. At the same time, many of the Redditors who responded in the thread said they had no problems securing their 100-point bonus, so this issue is far from one of the biggest scandals to ever hit Dunkin'. Regardless of the cause, reaching out to the company directly rectified the situation for u/no930.

Should you encounter a problem with a product, Dunkin' says you can let it know via email or call at (800) 859-5339 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Mondays through Fridays. The Dunkin' app allows you to use the email on your device through its "Get Help" section. Additionally, the app offers a Virtual Assistant in the same section. You don't have to let the points you earned go down the donut hole.