Here's How You Can 'Subscribe' To Subway Sandwiches Next Month

Subway's $5 footlong promotion began all the way back in 2004. The deal inarguably grabbed people's attention, and let's be real, we all still know the $5 footlong jingle. However, the Subway footlong has since seen many rises and falls in popularity.

In 2016, Subway got rid of the $5 footlong, upping the price of a footlong sub to $6. Fair enough when you consider inflation, right? Well, sure, but only until you take into account other factors at work. Yes, we're talking about the 11-inch 'footlong' lawsuits. According to Forbes, none of these lawsuits really got anywhere, as the court concluded that "the length of the bread does not affect the quantity of food the customer receives."

Despite these troubles over the years, Subway continues to celebrate its footlong sub sandwiches with special promotions. The latest promotion, running through September 2022, allows customers to 'subscribe' to footlongs, so to speak. 

September footlong members perk are limited to 10,000

Starting August 24, Subway rewards members can purchase their very own Footlong Pass for $15 on the Subway Footlong Pass website. However, Subway is only selling 10,000 of these sandwich passes.

So what exactly do you get with a Subway Footlong Pass? According to FoodSided, a Footlong Pass allows you to purchase a footlong for 50% off each day in September. Yup, that means you can get a footlong meatball marinara sub for 50% off. Each day, rewards members with a pass can unlock a new code to use that particular day. These codes can be used online or in the Subway app.

At first glance, this promotion might seem like a losing situation for the sandwich shop, considering it lets pass-holders buy footlongs for half price. But, the passes themselves are $15, so that alone makes up for some of those half-priced subs. Furthermore, anyone who buys one of these passes is probably going to visit Subway more frequently which will, in theory, increase sales. It seems Subway is ready to get 'Subtember' started.