Gal Gadot Just Launched Her Own Mac And Cheese At Whole Foods

Imagine the seething envy of Wonder Woman's enemies upon learning that their righteous opponent is not only a defeater of evil and a former Amazonian princess but also the founding partner of a successful noodle brand. Gal Gadot, who will soon return to the big screen as the nominal superhero in the third installment of DC's "Wonder Woman" (per Collider), is also a leading force behind Goodles, a company that prides itself on making a better noodle with "clean ingredients" (via PR Newswire). As a handler of a variety of operations, from press and media relations to fundraising, the actress is much more than just a spokesperson for the brand, according to Goodles

The pillar of Goodles offerings is its mac and cheese, which comes in flavors like white cheddar, asiago and parmesan, and cacio e pepe, plus a vegan cheddar option (via Goodles). In addition to purchasing Goodles goods directly from its website, fans can now pick up boxes at their local Whole Foods, as per PR Newswire.

Gadot's mac and cheese is delicious and nutritious

Goodles announced its retail launch at Whole Foods this week, bringing its nutritious mac and cheese boxes to the multinational chain for the first time after operating as a direct-to-consumer brand for almost a year (per PR Newswire). The brand, which uses real ingredients, such as protein and cheese, in its proprietary recipe, was the first mac and cheese to win the Clean Label Project Purity Award.

In August 2022, shoppers will be able to find all four Goodles mac and cheese boxes in the prepared pasta aisle in single-serve boxes. This includes the classic cheddar, Cheddy Mac, the white cheddar goodness, Shella Good, the savoring asiago and parmesan, Twist My Parm, and the inspired cacio e pepe, Mover & Shaker. "Retailing our product through Whole Foods Market, we hope to make Goodles available to more foodie, health-conscious people," said Gadot in a press release.