What Happened To ABS Protein Pancakes After Shark Tank?

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Reality hit "Shark Tank" has introduced viewers to hundreds of would-be entrepreneurs over its current 14 seasons, as of 2022 (via ABC). The show gives each contestant (or more commonly, each pair of contestants) a chance to pitch their idea to a team of business titans who may or may not choose to invest for a share of ownership in the entrepreneur's company. The team of titans includes Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, and Kevin O'Leary (as per All Shark Tank Products).

A surprising number of those would-be entrepreneurs are pitching food or beverage products. According to The Hustle, food-related businesses account for up to 20% of all pitches on the show. So, if you ever find yourself wondering, for example, what happened to Proper Good after shark tank, it's no surprise. And, the food trend is nothing new. ABS Protein Pancakes appeared in season 7, so let's catch up with where they are now.

Swimming with the sharks

ABS Protein Pancakes made their primetime debut on "Shark Tank" season 7, episode 12 on January 5, 2016, according to IMDb. Fitness professionals Josh McClellan and Ashley Drummonds set out to make a rival high-protein breakfast that still tasted like an ordinary pancake (via Shark Tank Blog). So, they whipped together a blend of whey protein powder and coconut flour, among other ingredients, creating a low in sugar, gluten-free, pancake mix that contains over 26 grams of protein, and all for under 200 calories, via ABS. Creators McClellan and Drummonds promise a fluffy protein pancake, texture being so important in a pancake.

The twosome approached the sharks seeking $120,000 for 40% of their business. That's a big share, but keep in mind that ABS Protein Pancakes had only made about $100,000 in sales at the time of the show even though the product was retailing at an astounding $42.95 per bag. After a little bidding war, the pair accepted an offer of $120K in exchange for 42% equity from shark Daymond John.

Where are they now?

How far did that $120K get them? The team behind ABS Protein Pancakes appear to have gone pretty far with their investment. While they had only sold $100,000 worth of product in 2016, according to Shark Tank Blog, as of August 2022, ABS Protein Pancakes are running an annual revenue of $6 million. 

Apparently, in the first month following the "Shark Tank" episode airing, ABS Protein Pancakes made a year's worth of sales. Prior to appearing on the show, founders Josh McClellan and Ashley Drummonds were only selling their product through their website. Nowadays, the brand is easily available on Amazon as well as continuing sales on their company website. 

Though co-founder Josh McClellan no longer appears on the website or in promotional videos, Drummonds appears to be going strong solo. From the photos of happy pancake eaters on their website, the company appears to have found success both with the body-building community and surprisingly, with those trying to lose significant amounts of weight.