What Happened To ABS Protein Pancakes After Shark Tank?

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Pancakes are a staple of breakfast, but they often contain plenty of carbs as well as sugars that make them be considered as unhealthy. Two "Shark Tank" entrepreneurs wanted to change that and revolutionize the breakfast industry with a healthier alternative. 

In the case of ABS Protein Pancakes, fitness professionals Josh McClelland and Ashley Drummonds dove into the tank in 2016, mid-Season 7. They hoped that their product could rival other high-protein and low-carb breakfasts, while still tasting like a good old-fashioned pancake recipe

As you might have guessed, the primary goal behind ABS Protein Pancakes is to let people enjoy foods they love while also maintaining a healthy diet. In a YouTube video introducing the product, Ashley Drummonds explains that many people see pancakes, waffles, and other carb-heavy breakfasts as a "guilty pleasure," so she created ABS Protein Pancakes as a way to change that. This seems like a great solution, so where is the company today?

What sets ABS Protein Pancakes apart?

Ashley Drummonds noticed that some supplements or diet foods on the market include ingredients that can actually be dangerous. For instance, artificial sweeteners like Splenda and aspartame have been linked to an increased risk of developing cancer. Meanwhile, artificial colors like Red 40 could have ties to ADHD and childhood obesity. Studies haven't exactly been able to completely confirm these connections, but nevertheless, ABS Protein Pancakes aims to use only natural ingredients. 

In addition to being low in sugar, gluten-free, grain-free, and keto-friendly, the pancake mixes contain only 150-190 calories per serving. They also pack in 25 grams of protein per serving, regardless of which variety you choose — chocolate chip, cinnamon swirl, or vanilla cake batter. While a single bag costs a hefty $42.95, it should make about 40 pancakes.

Drummonds and then-partner Josh McClelland approached the sharks seeking $120,000 for 40% of their business. Although 40% is a good chunk of the company, ABS Protein Pancakes had only made about $100,000 in sales at the time of the show. While several sharks weren't interested, the couple did attract some attention from the tank. After a bidding war, McClelland and Drummonds accepted an offer of $120,000 in exchange for 42% equity from shark Daymond John.

Where is ABS today?

How far did Daymond John's $120,000 investment get the company? Well, that's the thing. The deal with John apparently never closed for one reason or another, but it doesn't seem to have affected the company's success. While ABS Protein Pancakes had only sold $100,000 worth of products prior to 2016, the company now has a net worth of about $1 million.

In just the first month following the "Shark Tank" episode airing, ABS Protein Pancakes made a year's worth of sales. In fact, the night the "Shark Tank" episode aired, so many people were on the company's website that it crashed. Since then, the company has expanded beyond selling on just the ABS Protein Pancake website and offers an Amazon storefront as well.

Though Josh McClellan left the company in 2017 to pursue real estate, and Ashley Drummonds moved on in early 2022 to resume her career as a fitness coach and nutrition expert, the company seems to be running smoothly to this day. Now, those are some pancakes you'll want to make every morning.