The Controversial Costco Cart Hack That's Dividing Reddit

If you didn't think that something as mundane as a shopping cart could be the source of serious controversy, think again. In fact, whether they are in their closest grocery store or sitting at home looking at their phones, a variety of people have discovered ways to make shopping cart etiquette controversial. In fact, people have such strong opinions about the stipulations and rules of carts that a law was proposed in New Jersey in 2021 to fine customers who leave them in handicapped parking spots (per Politico). Now, an all-new argument surrounding a Costco shopping cart hack has taken hold of Reddit.

This "hack" deals with one of the biggest flaws in Costco carts — they don't have a cup holder, making it hard to enjoy a beverage when you shop. Given the fact that the big-box retailer seems so eager to provide its shoppers with samples, this isn't always ideal for multitasking. Luckily, u/MTgal98 provided a solution to this problem in a photo posted to a thread on r/Costco. Without a built-in option available for holding their delicious beverage in place, this Costco shopper utilized the cart's child safety straps instead.

Although most people probably use these straps to secure children into a comfortable seated position, it also seems to work quite well as a make-shift cupholder. The post, which seemed like a harmless and fun trick, left the comment section in passionate disagreement.

Reddit can't decide if this Costco cart hack is genius or disgusting

"I don't want to call myself a genius or anything, but here we are," reads the caption of u/MTgal98's post. However, only half of the Redditors in the comment section appeared to agree with their sentiment. The other side of the forum seemed to think that the advice belonged to the list of things people need to stop doing with their Costco carts.

On one side of the debate, Redditors were concerned about the potentially unsanitary nature of the proposed hack. These people pointed out the high number of children who will touch these straps before your mocha latte touches the same space. One user wrote, "That's been touching diapers and germy small children....." Another posted, "I wouldn't put that crotch strap anywhere near my cup."

Others were not concerned at all about the cleanliness of the proposed hack. One user wrote nothing but praise for the original poster's originality, stating, "I just heard a choir of heavenly angels." Another commenter even came to u/Mtgal98's defense, pointing out that as a public space, shoppers will already encounter plenty of other germs at Costco. This user wrote, "I mean... it isn't wrapped around the mouthpiece... There are germs all over the entire store." 

In the end, it seems like the choice between risking exposure to unknown bacteria or being parched while maneuvering through Costco is up to the shopper.