Rachael Ray Is So Distracted By Brooklyn Beckham's Burgers

While some famous chefs are jerks in real life, others might just be as down-to-earth as they seem. Rachael Ray is one of those chefs. The New York native has revealed the humble side of her personality in more than one interview. Ray notoriously refuses to call herself a chef, due to the fact that she never attended culinary school (via ABC News) and to top that off, despite spending so much time in the kitchen, she doesn't typically opt for expensive kitchen tools and gadgets (via Food Network). The "30-Minute Meals" star also isn't a huge fan of the spotlight. Rather than dine with A-list celebs and glamorous Hollywood stars, her ideal dinner party guests would be her late dog Boo and her grandfather.

As for her favorite foods? Ray prefers a good old-fashioned burger over caviar and champagne. "Meat for dinner is my favorite. I'm a burger-obsessed person. I love burger night — I love ground meat of any kind," the TV personality shared with Food Network. The cookbook author proved that burgers really were her kryptonite during a cooking tutorial with Brooklyn Beckham. Ray was struggling to focus on interviewing the English model due to the distracting aroma of his burgers (via "The Rachael Ray Show").

Rachael Ray couldn't get past the smell of Brooklyn Beckham's burgers

Not only is Brooklyn Beckham a model and photographer, but he also happens to be a talented home cook (via Sports Skeeda). In fact, when Daniel Mac asked Beckham what he did for a living in a TikTok video, Beckham responded saying, "I'm a chef."

The model was invited onto "The Rachael Ray Show" to showcase his culinary skills, simultaneously making his network television debut. The recipe that he chose to whip up was what he calls "Squish Burgers." Ray exclaimed that "It sounds so fun," after hearing the name of the dish. 

Aside from the meat, Beckham added an egg, salt, rosemary, onions, garlic, chili powder, and pepper into his patty mixture. When cooking his burgers on the stove, Beckham sprinkled on some blue cheese. "I love blue cheese," Beckham shared, adding "cheese and wine that's my favorite."

As the burgers sizzled, The Food Network star couldn't help but gush over how great the meal smelled. "They smell incredible," she exclaimed. Another word that Ray used to describe the burger aroma was "distracting." She went on, "It's hard to keep talking sometimes when your food smells great. 'Wait I'm supposed to be saying something right now." As for the way the burger tasted? Ray seemed to like that a lot too!