11 Unusual Dessert Combinations You Need To Try At Least Once

It's true what they say: "You are what you eat." If you keep playing it safe with your desserts and don't let your creative juices flow, what does that say about your personality? Well, you are pretty much telling the world that you're unimaginative and dull. Sure, a classic chocolate cake or scoop of vanilla ice cream tastes great. But have you tried a drizzle of olive oil on ice cream or cheddar cheese with a slice of apple pie?

Before you become appalled at the thought of eating such unique dessert combinations, hear us out. Plenty of folks, including us, swear by these unusual desserts. For the most part, the blend of salty and sweet foods is simply heavenly. Similarly, lesser-known flavor matches work equally well too. Here are our favorite bizarre dessert combinations you need to try at least once. Set aside any hesitations, and dig into the wonderful world of sweet treats.

Ice cream and fries

The combination of sweet and savory comfort foods promises a contrast of flavors your tongue is bound to appreciate. Not to mention, the opposing textures and temperatures surprise your taste buds as you bite into warm crunchy fries topped with cold ice cream. Dipping french fries into soft-serve ice cream is an old diner practice and a gourmet craze that has been trending for some time. Similarly, fries and milkshakes (or Wendy's Frostys) also make a deliciously dynamic duo. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon, it's time to see what the hype is all about.  

According to Annam Gourmet, the reason why these distinct foods taste so delicious is that the textures ultimately melt in your mouth. Meanwhile, a chef on Quora argues that it's all about the salt. It enhances flavors in general, and as evidenced by sought-after delicacies like salted caramel and salted chocolate, it does wonders for sweet tastes. Wendy's director of culinary innovation Shelly Thobe tells Thrillist that Frostys and fries make such a great pair because the experience targets a range of senses and "it confuses your taste buds." 

Matt Hartings studies the science of flavor pairings, and aside from being the perfect balance of flavors on a molecular level, he suggests that the tasty duo has cultural value (via Thrillist). People want to try unique combos they see others eating, and with dozens of daily tweets about Wendy's Frostys and fries, it's hard to resist the temptation. 

Chocolate covered fries

It seems like Mcdonald's quickly responded to the trending fries and ice cream duo by introducing a new gourmet dish called McChoco Potato to locations in Japan. The fries were served with a drizzle of white and milk chocolate sauce over top. Appetizing or yuck? Well, that's entirely subjective and up to your taste buds, but it seems that it was all the rage in Japan. Reviewers at Tokyo news site Sora News 24 raved, "We couldn't stop putting fistfuls into our mouths, so it was definitely a winning combination!" The reporters noted that the pairing of chocolate sauces and fluffy potatoes was comparable to a donut.

According to The Washington Post, this menu item was possibly an attempt to keep the doors open at the multinational fast food chain, following a series of unfortunate events that made customers question its food and health safety practices. Regardless, the combination sparked curiosity and wonder among McDonald's fans. A Reddit user described the experience as "pretty decent," however, they deemed it as "crazy overpriced." At roughly $3 for a medium portion, consumers can decide whether the extra dollar for chocolate sauce is justified. Since it's not on U.S. menus, for the time being, you'll have to recreate it at home to see how the combination fares. 

Apple pie with cheddar cheese

The smell of heavenly apples cooking in sugar wafts through the kitchen ... but wait, there's something else. A salty scent overwhelms your senses. Is that cheese? Yes! Cheddar cheese is crazy delicious topped on apple pie. Need some convincing? It's not such a wild concept; this savory sweet duo has been around in the U.S. since the 1800s and likely originated from England in the 1700s (via Pure Wow). 

Many enthusiasts appreciate this delicious combination, and it has been mentioned in various pieces of literature, according to Atlas Obscura. In fact, it has even been immortalized on the big screen. If you've watched the movie Taxi Driver, like really watched it, you'll notice the main character says, "I had black coffee and apple pie with a slice of melted yellow cheese." 

Just imagine the sharp, salty bite of cheddar hitting your taste buds followed by sweet sugary apples and a buttery, flaky crust. The burst of flavors will tingle your buds and boggle your mind. A sliver of apple pie with just a nibble of cheese will turn skeptics into fans; all you need is a leap of faith. The next time you bake a sweet apple pie, make sure to add a zing of cheddar. According to Wisconsin Cheese, aged cheese works well since its saltier flavor provides greater contrast.

Bacon ice cream

Bacon ice cream seems like a synergy between two popular foods. But we're not talking about bacon-flavored ice cream. Instead, consider chunks of bacon smothered in ice cream. Per Insider, in 2012, Burger King introduced a new item on its menu called the bacon sundae: bacon with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and caramel. The outlet describes plenty of ice cream in a sundae cup topped with bacon. As the ice cream melts, chewy and slightly squishy bacon contrasts the creaminess.  

Although weird for some, this combo might just be the sweet umami adventure foodies are looking for. One Reddit user notes that nothing has bought them greater joy than candied bacon ice cream. The fad didn't catch on, but Burger King got the exposure it wanted by announcing the arrival of a strange food combination that piqued intrigue and curiosity among customers.  

Onion chocolate chip cookies

Onions are a must-have in the kitchen and a staple in most savory dishes. They impart a lovely sweet aroma and flavor with a little bite. Have you ever wondered how they would fare in a dessert? Some onion varieties, like Vidalia, offer a delicate sweet taste that adds depth and richness to other foods. Surprisingly, they have been used to make onion chocolate chip cookies. Haters will turn up their noses, but hear us out.

The concept of concealing veggies in junk food has been around forever, and onions have plenty of nutritional value and health benefits. So why not try stuffing a sweet veggie into a more endearing delicacy? Per the National Onion Association, the smaller you dice the onions, the harder it will be to notice them in your cookies. Keep in mind that since onions are mostly water, the cookies will take longer to bake. You'll also want to eat them warm and fresh out of the oven or else you might be faced with a pungent onion flavor.

Chicken dessert pudding

It's not as appalling as you'd expect; chicken dessert pudding is actually a delicacy enjoyed by royalty from the Ottoman empire. Served in the heart of Turkey, it has a rich, interesting history, much like the pudding flavors. History has it that a sultan once requested a sweet treat in the throes of the night (via Atlas Obscura). The chefs at the palace faced quite a conundrum as they only had chicken on hand. So they got creative and made the most of what they had. All went well since the sultan actually liked the dish, and tavuk göğsü was born from that day forward. 

The chicken is barely noticeable since it is cooked and pounded until it is fully creamed into a thickening agent (via Seasoned Traveler). Tavuk göğsü, or chicken breast in Turkish, is a delightful chicken dessert that resembles the early version of blancmange, similar to a panna cotta. The delicious dessert is known to have a stringy texture, rich body, and a consistency similar to thick rice pudding, per Atlas Obscura. Meanwhile, a Reddit user claims it has a "gloopy texture" with a taste similar to light sweetened condensed milk.

Chocolate covered bacon

The combination of chocolate and bacon isn't unheard of nowadays, and chocolate-covered bacon is a prime example. Just imagine the silky chocolate goodness melting in your mouth, followed by the salty, crispy bite of bacon. We've established that salt is a flavor enhancer, and it certainly behaves that way here. Not to mention the smoky earthiness of both the cocoa and bacon as well as the textural contrast, and the oomph factor is multiplied by 100.

According to Time reporter Joel Stein, the combination was first created at Chicago's Vosges Haut-Chocolat in 2007, taking the chocolate world by storm. If you are a true chocolate connoisseur, the pairing may already be old news. But to those who hardly venture over to the wild side of desserts, this scandalous affair might be worth biting into. With an unparalleled taste and texture, try bacon coated in dark or milk chocolate. As a Reddit user describes, the delightful combination highlights both salty and fatty notes with the sweet, bitter taste of chocolate.

Hot sauce on ice cream

The spicy flavor of hot sauce can quickly burn your tongue if you aren't used to it. What if you were to combine the kick of hot sauce, a condiment that seems like it came from the fiery depths of hell, with freezing cold but sweet ice cream? Will hell finally freeze over? According to Hell Fire Hot Sauce, the combination of sweet with spicy has been experimented with in numerous cuisines, including candies covered with chili powder and hot chocolate. So why should ice cream be left out of the trial?

A Reddit thread discussing hot sauce on ice cream proves that the combo isn't unheard of. While the concept is unbelievable and new to some, some review it as "underrated," while others caution picking a good variety of sauce to avoid ruining the entire experience. Skip the vinegar-based hot sauces and look for those with fruit ingredients for the best results.

As Foods Guy notes, dairy works to counter capsaicin, the active component that makes foods spicy. This means the hot sauce diminishes to a tolerable level of spiciness. When you combine the two foods, you enjoy sweet and savory flavors in a creamy, delicious blend with just the right amount of heat. Feel free to experiment or start off simple with vanilla ice cream, a sure win. 

Hard-boiled eggs with Nutella

Nutella on a hard-boiled egg shouldn't be that much of a foreign concept, since chocolate has been paired with so many flavors. In fact, many breakfast items are served with a chocolate component, like waffles drizzled with chocolate sauce with a side of scrambled eggs. A trio of critics on the Wreckless Eating YouTube channel tested out the combo. They were skeptical about it at first but much to their surprise found the experience rather enjoyable. One even claimed, "Why have I been eating eggs without Nutella my whole life?"

It's actually one of those food hacks that can make parents' lives easy. Is your kid not eating eggs? Well, smear some yummy Nutella on top and ask them to take a bite. We're sure they'll be begging for another one. Curiosity getting the better of us, we whipped out some eggs and a jar of Nutella to try the combination for ourselves. The taste is actually decent. The chocolate hazelnut flavor overtakes the eggs and you're left with a chewy creamy texture. 

Olive oil with ice cream

This unique but ludicrous combination might seem excessive at first, but have a taste and you'll understand the appeal. Enter a new world of flavor, texture, and taste with just a drizzle of olive oil. Have a lick, and you'll wonder why you ever preferred chocolate sauce or sprinkles as a topping. According to First For Women, since olive oil is fatty, it adds extra "richness and decadence" to frozen treats. It also offers a savory contrast to the ice cream's sweetness.

La Cucina Italiana praises extra virgin olive oil as both a healthy and adult choice to drizzle over your next scoop. Also, it imparts a spectrum of flavors, including "fruitiness, grassiness, and spiciness," with virtually any pick of ice cream flavor. Moreover, the outlet suggests an additional pinch of Sicilian or Maldon salt to really bring out the flavors. You'll find numerous ice cream parlors jumping on the bandwagon to serve delectable ice cream topped off with olive oil, including Leo in Williamsburg and Caffè Panna in Manhattan.

Chocolate pizza

Who can say no to chocolate or pizza? In fact, our ideal scenario consists of a pizza dinner followed by a healthy dose of chocolate for dessert. Perhaps that's how pizza met with chocolate to make chocolate pizza. Don't believe us? Well then, believe the Chocolate Pizza Company where you can find various renditions, including a drumstick chocolate pizza topped with caramel, pretzels, nuts, and sea salt.

While dessert pizza is nothing new, many pizza restaurant chains have tried to combine two of our favorite things. Like back in 2017, Domino's introduced a new menu item called the Lotta-Chocca pizza. Reviews on a Reddit thread discuss the chain's sweet dish. While some deemed it amazing, others completely detested the idea. 

Several variations of chocolate pizza exist today, and of course, you'll find plenty of recipes to make your own when you scour the internet. Some versions are entirely made of chocolate but shaped like a classic pizza. Others mix sweet and savory flavors to reproduce the iconic duo of tastes. Regardless, you have to try this delicacy to determine which side of the argument you stand on.