The Chick-Fil-A Lettuce Order Reddit Is Calling Cursed

Fast food drive-thrus are popular for their convenience and quickness, and today, almost every major fast food chain has an app for customers to order food ahead and pick it up at their leisure. Using ordering apps also allows customers more ways to customize their meals without having to feel awkward or guilty for asking employees in person. However, with all of this customization power comes great responsibility — and some pretty weird food orders.

Unsurprisingly, on r/AskReddit, the question, "Fast food workers, what's the weirdest order you ever received?" has some pretty wild answers. One ex-Dairy Queen employee said they had "one lady come in and order caramel on a napkin. She then proceeded to eat the napkin on her way out." A former Zaxby's employee recalled one customer who "asked for a kids cup filled with the hottest wing sauce" available, plus a straw. The thread carries on with more anecdotes, but you get the idea. Now, one Chick-fil-A employee may want to add their story to the list, because their recent post on r/ChickFilAWorkers tells a pretty interesting tale.

Someone ordered a Cobb salad with just lettuce

One Redditor and Chick-fil-A employee recently posted a photo of some lettuce in a plastic container with the caption, "Cursed cobb. Open comment 'just lettuce.'" The label on the box shows that the customer had requested a Cobb salad with no chopped egg, no crumbled bacon, no roasted corn, and no cheese blend. People in the comments were baffled by the order, with one person commenting, "So, $9 worth of lettuce. Could have gone to the store and got a whole thing cheaper than that." Maybe this customer had the money to spend, but that commenter is right: At Walmart, for example, you can get a three-pack of romaine lettuce for $2.98.

Other Chick-fil-A employees took the conversation as an opportunity to share their experiences with similarly bizarre orders. "Legit had someone order 3 large fruit cups of just strawberries yesterday legit like $15 in fruit like go to the grocery store," one user wrote. Another user shared, "During last year's supply chain issues we stopped giving out salad bowls so a person ordered a Cobb salad [with] open comment 'no salad' so they could get the bowl." In addition to these odd orders, there are a few more things that Chick-fil-A employees wish customers would stop doing.