Giada De Laurentiis' Boyfriend Struggling To Make Her Food Is Hilariously Relatable

You know that feeling when your partner is a high-profile professional chef, and you have to make them some food? Yeah, so does Shane Farley, Giada De Laurentiis' long-time partner and first-time cooker. In fairness to him, Farley is a television producer by trade and actually met De Laurentiis under just those premises back in 2013, according to People. Apparently, the two were slated to work together on a talk show, which never ended up happening. What did manifest, however, was a connection that would be revisited years later after De Laurentiis divorced fashion designer Todd Thompson. Once De Laurentiis had the time she needed to "rest and reset," she reconnected with old pal Farley. Though the talk show they once discussed didn't pan out, De Laurentiis and Farley are currently working on a project called life together. In their current roles, the dynamic duo co-parent daughter Jade with De Laurentiis' ex, Thompson, sample viral TikTok tipples, and occasionally get super mushy about their feelings for each other.

Which is all well and good, until it's someone's birthday and their only request is for someone else to make them a birthday dinner. Oh, and it's the birthday of someone who is also one of Food Network's most celebrated chefs, a restaurateur, and an e-commerce mastermind who recently launched a website dedicated to importing authentic Italian food. And the other someone is a television producer who rarely cooks. Cue Farley's nervous laughter.

The way to a chef's heart is through good Indian food

In an Instagram post by Giada De Laurentiis, Shane Farley takes on the seemingly simple task of making dinner for his girlfriend. About four days, multiple pages of recipe notes, and at least 12 ingredients later, the internet is blessed with an expertly cut video of Farley's antics as he attempts to cook an Indian feast. "Best bday gift ever @shanefarley !" De Laurentiis captions the post. "Can u make this for me every week??" We thought the crying-laughing emoji at the end might indicate sarcasm on De Laurentiis' part; suspicions that were hilariously confirmed by the sweat on Farley's brow as he navigated edible rose petals, an illegal trip down the 10-items-or-less lane, and an emergency run to an Indian restaurant for cheater-naan. "I don't even know what to say," a nervous Farley confesses shortly before presenting his birthday biryani to De Laurentiis. "I guess we'll find out."

Though we never actually see Farley cook the dish (he's no Food Network star, after all), and though De Laurentiis' thanks in the video go to Emily, who is Farley's pal and "a chef that Giada really likes," there is no denying that Farley gets credit from the fans for putting together the thoughtful birthday meal. "Haha I love this!" fellow celebrity chef Katie Lee Biegel comments on the video. "Go Shane!" Other, less famous commenters agree: "What a sweetheart boyfriend," @jeannine1966 writes, and "He's a keeper!" posts @pattyglear.