Don't Make The Same Trader Joe's Croissant Mistake As Reddit

Trader Joe's has its fair share of great and not-so-great items. Among the chain's most popular products, you'll find its frozen mandarin orange chicken, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, Unexpected Cheddar cheese, Everything But the Bagel seasoning blend, and butternut squash macaroni and cheese, which were all voted favorites overall in 2021 by Trader Joe's customers. Of course, what's a good or a bad product depends on everyone's personal taste.

According to a post on r/traderjoes, a few of the less-favored Trader Joe's products include ranch dressing, frozen pho, watermelon jerky, and cauliflower gnocchi, to name a few. Based on reviews, other TJ's products seem to taste delicious when prepared correctly but need a bit more clarity when it comes to directions on the packaging. One customer shared a mistake they made with a Trader Joe's product on Reddit, and it seems they weren't alone, as a few other commenters admitted that they had made the very same error.

Don't forget to unbox the croissants and proof them overnight

One Redditor recently shared some tragic photos of their Trader Joe's chocolate croissants with the caption, "Forgot to remove chocolate croissants from box to let them rise overnight." In the first photo, the OP is holding the box, from which dough appears to be popping out from the side. The second photo shows one big dough glob, as the croissants seem to have thawed and proofed into one mega-pastry. The user explained, "I tried to separate them by hand and put a rod of chocolate in each as best I could."

A few users said they had made the same mistake with their TJ's frozen croissants, whose packaging says to let them proof on a tray for a few hours before putting them in the oven. They sympathized with the OP, writing, "I once accidentally left mine out for an entire day. they were HUGE," and the more reassuring, "This happened to me...I got two out of the box to let sit overnight, and then forgot the box with 2 still in it on the counter. I separated them and they actually rose again within an hour and baked up fine."

Others offered up humorous responses, commenting, "IT'S ALIVE!!!! Well, the yeast is, anyway," and "I'll have only 'one' chocolate croissant please." Several users suggested baking the croissants as one big pastry and assured it would taste good regardless. One Redditor wrote, "I would have baked it all together just to see what would happen. Croissant cake? Croissant slab?" There hasn't been an update from the OP, so we can only hope the croissants turned out well for them. In addition to this blunder, be sure to avoid these other mistakes when shopping at Trader Joe's.