The Aldi Coconut Granola Shoppers Are Drooling Over

Granola is one of those versatile foods that anyone can enjoy, whether it be in a cereal bowl with milk, sprinkled on top of yogurt, or grabbed by the handful straight out of the bag. Despite its historical ties to Woodstock and hippie culture (via Smithsonian Magazine), you don't have to identify as earthy or "granola" yourself to like the sweet, clustered snack. 

The most basic granola recipe include oats, nuts, and raisins, but there are countless variations of the classic recipe out there. Different spices, fruits, seeds, or sweeteners can create an entirely new granola flavor, and whether you try making homemade granola or prefer to buy it pre-made, you can easily discover the flavor of your dreams. While the myriad granola options can feel slightly overwhelming, there are definitely some brands and flavors out there that are especially popular among consumers. One particular version is sold at Aldi, and regular shoppers are swearing that it reigns supreme.

Redditors say this granola is addictive

On an Aldi subreddit thread, one user posted a picture of a popular granola product made by the store's Simply Nature brand. It's described as Coconut Cacao Superfoods Granola, and some ingredients listed on the front of the bag are gluten-free oats and ancient grains, including amaranth and millet with sesame seeds. The Reddit user matter-of-factly captioned their photo, "My wife and I are addicted to this granola."

Fellow Aldi subredditors confirmed the addictive quality of the granola with statements like, "Can not buy this. I eat it in one sitting!" and "Me too! This is one of the best products Aldi carries." Some users, however, pointed out that despite how tasty the item is, they tend to avoid it due to the high sugar content. One commenter disclosed that there are 8 grams of sugar in each serving, to which another responded: "That is why they're 'addicted' to it. It's candy." Though the nutritional value of this Simply Nature granola is up for debate, those praising the product seem to think it's definitely worth sprinkling over your morning yogurt.