The Major Way Dunkin' Is Showing Love For Teachers

Being a teacher is a tough gig. America is facing a "catastrophic teacher shortage," and not just because of COVID-19; according to The Washington Post, low pay, and both national and local politics have resulted in a career that's a minefield to navigate. In addition, the average public school teacher in the U.S. is facing a class of about 20 students (via NCES), and the majority of American schools begin their days well before the CDC-recommended 8:30 a.m. or later start time. The long and short of is ... these educators are in serious need of caffeine. 

In a survey out of the U.K., teaching was one of the top five professions that drink the most coffee, with an average of more than four cups a day (via Novinite). So, it makes sense that coffee and donut chain Dunkin' would decide to give teachers a caffeine boost on September 1st so they can start their day with coffee. The date was chosen because, according to Pew Research, the back-to-school season usually ends after Labor Day.

How teachers can get free coffee on September 1

There are two different ways that Dunkin' is treating teachers to coffee this year (via KSAT). First, on Thursday, September 1, teachers can get a free iced or hot medium coffee at Dunkin', though they should check with their local Dunkin' to make sure it's participating in the offer. Teachers will not be required to show ID in order to get the free java. We're betting lots of teachers will opt for iced coffee — last September was the seventh-warmest on record, with average daytime highs of 81 degrees (via NCEI).

Then, customers will have the opportunity to nominate their favorite educator to win Dunkin's "Raise a Cup to Teachers" sweepstakes at, from September 1 through October 5. The winning teacher will get free coffee for a year, and the school where they work will also be treated to a "coffee break" where $300 worth of Dunkin' products will be served. Let's hope that includes coffee for the teachers because something tells us that after the entire student body snacks on donuts, the teachers at the winning school are going to need a little extra caffeine for the day.