Squeezable Smoothies Are Now Available At Costco, But There's A Catch

Ready-to-eat meals and snacks are all the rage, and pretty much no retailer is better stocked to handle this need than Costco. One of the latest things to capture the attention of Costco consumers are smoothies that come in squeezable form, per @costcodeals on Instagram. No fork, knife, or messy blender is required!

This particular product is Sweet Nothings Squeezable Smoothies, which are filled with veggies and fruits, and are billed as having no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavors. They're also plant-based, organic, and gluten-free. According to the Sweet Nothings, the convenient smoothies come in three flavors: Strawberry Beet, Pineapple Spinach, and Mango Carrot. By the looks of the Instagram video, it appears that the retailer is selling a variety pack that includes the strawberry and mango versions.

Parents struggling to incorporate veggies and fruits without a lot of extra sugar are likely to be enchanted by the product. The Strawberry Beet variety is 70 calories per serving, and a serving size consists of two tubes of the product. They also have no cholesterol or fat and are a good source of calcium, potassium, and iron. It isn't all good news, however, as some would-be patrons of the product are downright disappointed.

Here's why smoothie fans are bummed about Costco's new product

The unfortunate caveat in the news of Costco's newly stocked smoothie is that it's only available in certain areas of the country. So, unless you're local to the Pacific Northwest or Texas, you're out of luck, according to @costcodeals on Instagram. Although many, many commenters lament the lack of Sweet Nothings Squeezable Smoothies at their local Costco, the company commented, "We are hoping to expand into more @Costco stores," so the smoothie drought may clear up soon.

Many of wannabe consumers are interested in the smoothies for more than just pure enjoyment. More than one noted that they are ideal for people who are dairy-free, which can be something of a tough market, smoothie-wise. One commenter notes, "My son is dairy free and options are hard to find," noting that they "need these in the Midwest." For those Costco shoppers not in Texas or the Pacific Northwest, there is the option to order the smoothies directly from the source via the Sweet Nothings site. You might not enjoy the same low prices that Costco is known for, but it's better than nothing.