Don't Be Surprised If You Find This In Your Dunkin' Grilled Cheese

For one reason or another, sometimes extra "ingredients" wind up in our fast food orders. Unfortunately, most of these additions are things no one actually wants to eat, much less imagine how they got into a sandwich.

Some of the grossest things people have found in their fast food orders, particularly sandwich orders, have allegedly included part of someone's thumb, a needle, and a dead mouse. According to Eat This, Not That, other fast food customers have reportedly been subjected to rubber gloves, syringes, and human blood found in their sandwiches. Another customer bit into a Subway sandwich, only to discover it had a 6-inch knife baked into the bun.

On a somewhat positive note, not all accidental fast food additions are that disturbing. A little unappetizing, sure, but not quite horror movie material. We're talking about incidents like finding a piece of paper used to separate cheese slices in your grilled cheese sandwich. 

We'll have a grilled cheese, please

Most of us don't think anything of walking into Dunkin' and ordering a grilled cheese sandwich. Sadly, this peace of mind was stripped away from one customer after they found a piece of paper in their grilled cheese.

When they posted about their experience in a now-deleted Reddit post, others explained that the papers are used to separate cheese slices and are sometimes missed by employees. One person said it was just proof that the cheese was "real cheddar," as it would crumble without the paper to support it.

Other commenters made light of the situation, with one commenter quipping that the paper is "for extra crunch." Another person asked, "What? You don't like your grilled cheese with the paper still in it?" Someone else simply wrote, "It happens to the best of us. Gotta add that nice crispy slice."

Personally, we could do without the paper in our grilled cheese, but we can all rest assured that this isn't a super common occurrence. Regardless, if you want to make your own paperless grilled cheese sandwich at home, you can always try one of these amazing grilled cheese recipes.